Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

No longer admitting students as of Fall 2021

A certificate in gerontology (21 credit hours) is ideal for professionals in a variety of aging-related fields. Areas include senior-services organizations like centers on aging; senior centers; nursing homes; assisted, independent, and aging-in-place living facilities; non-profit organizations; faith-based groups; and extension educators.

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Required (6 credits)
H_D_FS 7252Adult Development3
H_D_FS 8251Perspectives in Gerontology3
Suggested Electives (9 credits)
H_D_FS 7233Basic Grant Development and Management3
H_D_FS 7255Aging Policy3
H_D_FS 7256Environments and Aging3
H_D_FS 7257Aging and the Family3
H_D_FS 7259Mental Health and Aging3
H_D_FS 7262Long-Term Care Administration3
H_D_FS 8001Topics in Human Development and Family Science1-99
H_D_FS 8238Program Design, Implementation and Evaluation3
H_D_FS 8253Physical Health in Aging3
H_D_FS 8254Gerontology Research Methods and Program Evaluation3

For information about this certificate, contact:
Department of Human Development and Family Science
314 Gentry Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211