Classics (CLASS)

CLASS 4970H: Capstone in Classical Languages

Culminating course in the study of Greek and Roman literature and Classical culture. Required for Greek, Latin, and Classical Languages majors in first term of senior year. Recommended for double-majors.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: instructor's consent. Honors eligibility required

CLASS 7000: Introduction to Graduate Study in Classics

Required of all first-year graduate students.

Credit Hour: 1

CLASS 7100: History of the Greek and Latin Languages

(same as LINGST 7130; cross-levelled with CLASS 4100, LINGST 4130). Evolution of classical languages and their relationship to each other.

Credit Hours: 3

CLASS 7205: Topics in Classical Studies

Organized study of selected topics. Subjects and earnable credit may vary from semester to semester. Departmental consent for repetition.

Credit Hour: 1-99

CLASS 7300: Introduction to Text Criticism and Paleography

(cross-leveled with CLASS 4300). Latin and/or Greek textual criticism and paleography, using manuscript facsimiles at the University library.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: 2 years of Classical Languages or equivalent

CLASS 7700: Advanced Study in the Teaching of the Classics

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: classroom teaching experience or chairman's consent

CLASS 7960: Special Readings in Classical Studies

Readings in authors and texts not covered in other courses.

Credit Hour: 1-3
Prerequisites: graduate standing and classics/classical humanities; departmental consent; Greek--two years classical Greek or equivalent; Latin--two years Classical Latin or equivalent

CLASS 8085: Directed Readings in Classics

For graduate students to undertake special projects for graduate credit under the supervision of faculty.

Credit Hours: 3

CLASS 8090: Masters Research and Thesis in Classics

For graduate students studying for the MA and working on a thesis to receive credit for work directly related to the thesis. Graded S/U only.

Credit Hours: 3

CLASS 9090: PhD Research and Thesis

Individual research in preparation for writing thesis and/or dissertation. Graded on a S/U basis only.

Credit Hour: 1-8

CLASS 9487: Seminar in Ancient Literary Criticism

Principles and theories of ancient Greek and Latin literary criticism, as developed in significant works on the subject.

Credit Hours: 3