Fitness Programming and Management

Fitness Programming Management Director: Steve Ball
106 Mckee; Phone: (573) 882-2334 

Professor S. Ball**,  C. D. Hardin**, P. S. Bruzina**, J. A. Kanaley**, E. J. Parks**
Associate Professor  S. Gable**, J. Padilla**, C. A. Peterson** ,  R. S. Rector** , V. Vieira-Potter**
Assistant Professor   J. Limberg*, K. Anguah*
Associate Teaching Professor J. Bean*, D. Smith
Teaching Assistant Professor  S. Buckallew ,
Adjunct Faculty F. W. Booth*,  J. A. Ibdah**,  D. Lubahn**, F. Nassir**,M. Milanick, L. Pulakat**, S. Sayers
Adjunct Instructor J.Barnas, J. Beckmann, A. Bryant, K. Eiffert, L. Hudson, S. Saffai, M. Stevens. M. Wissmann
Professor Emeritus D. E. Brigham*,  R. P. Dowdy* , L. Hillman*, L. Hudson*, P. M. Landhuis*, M. McDonald, T. R. Thomas*

This program is designed as a 100% online degree program leading to a BS in Fitness Programming and Management. This degree is designed for students who are interested in fitness and program management, but do not wish or are unable to be on campus.  It is a good option for both traditional and non traditional students, including those in the military. 

The program is housed within the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri. The department's mission is to improve the health of Missourians and the larger population through research, teaching, and outreach related to nutrition and physical activity. We strive to be a diverse set of leaders, innovators, and educators who promote improved human health through our focus on nutrition and physical activity.

The Bachelor of Science in Fitness Programming and Management provides students with the knowledge and skills to assist individuals across the lifespan in adopting physical activity, exercise, and other healthy behaviors that lead to increased fitness, wellness and optimal health.  Students are prepared to pursue national certifications provided by professional organizations in fields of study related to exercise, strength and conditioning, and health and wellness.  Graduates will be experts at teaching exercise to most populations. 

A Minor in Business is built into the program, preparing students for a variety of jobs in the fitness industry and beyond.  Upon completion of this academic program students are eligible and encouraged to sit for, and pass, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification. 

While MU does not offer graduate degrees specifically in occupational therapy, the University does offer post-baccalaureate opportunities in a number of related areas.  The catalog provides a complete list of these degree options.