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ECONOM 1000: General Economics

One semester course covering similar material as covered in ECONOM 1014 and ECONOM 1015. Topics include opportunity costs, gains from trade, efficiency and markets, non-competitive markets, game theory, government spending and taxation, economic growth, monetary and fiscal policy, unemployment and inflation, exchange rates. Includes applications for Journalism students. Not open to students who have completed ECONOM 1014 or ECONOM 1024 and, ECONOM 1015 or AG_EC 1041 and AG_EC 1042. Graded on A-F basis only.

Credit Hours: 5
Prerequisites: Open only to pre-Journalism and Journalism majors; departmental consent required

Common Credit Limitations


...following courses: ECONOM 1015 Principles of Macroeconomics , ECONOM 1051H, or ECONOM 1000 General Economics , or...

College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources


...Cell Biology Any Biomed 1000-4000 level course...excellence: Agricultural and Applied Economics Agricultural Education and...

College of Arts and Science


...with a major in Economics BS with a...1120 (or equivalent), ENGLSH 1000 (or equivalent), and...

College of Engineering


...the future. ...resulting in economic development, job creation...eligible to take ENGLSH 1000 and any other...

Political Science


...course e.g. SOCIOL 1000 , PSYCH 1000 , ECONOM 1014 , PHIL 1000 or PHIL 1200 POL_SC...

Business Administration


...of ECONOM 1014 / ECONOM 1024 and ECONOM 1015...or better in ENGLSH 1000 , MATH 1100 , and...

Social Work


...1010 * College Algebra* COMMUN 1200 * Economics (macro or micro)* ENGLSH 1000 * History* ( HIST 1100 , HIST...

Minor in Economics


Students wishing to minor in economics must take a minimum of 18 credits in economics and the last 12 credit hours in residence. Courses must include ECONOM 1014  and ECONOM 1015 (or ECONOM 1000  or  ECONOM 1051H  instead of the previous two courses*) and ECONOM 3251 or ECONOM 4351 plus three economics electives, including at least one at the 4000 level. All required courses must be completed with a grade of C or above; grades of C- or below will not be accepted. Students who take both ECONOM 3251 and ECONOM 4351 will receive credit for only one of these courses.