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RUSS 3870: Russian Women and Film

(same as FILM_S 3870 or WGST 3870). Traces image(s) of the Russian woman in 20th-century Russia as constructed in Russian, Soviet and late-Soviet film. Discusses heroines of pre-revolutionary melodrama and "new Soviet man and woman" of the 20s. Considers war-time re-alignment of gender roles in defense of motherland and their subtle revamping in post-war and post-Stalinist period, and the shifting relations between women and men, women and women, and women and the State. Emphasizes cultural-historical and ideological status of women as reflected in onscreen image(s) in Russian film. Designed to serve as an introduction to film studies and to 20th-century Russian culture more generally. Conducted in English (all films have English subtitles).

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: sophomore standing or instructor's consent