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Writing Intensive

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Fall 2017

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English (ENGLSH)
Popular Literature - Writing Intensive
Study of literary genres, such as science fiction and the detective novel, that may be overlooked in traditional literature classes.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
ENGLSH 1000.

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NTT Assistant Professor
114 Tate Hall

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Baseball is commonly hailed as the most literary, the most poetic of sports. Over the past century, it has been represented in countless novels, stories, poems, and plays, and has spawned its own brand of essay and memoir. This course is a survey of literature about baseball. Through reading assorted literary works as opposed to sports writing in a variety of genres, we will consider why baseball has been such a prevalent muse for such a variety of American writers and how it has been represented, all while honing our skills as readers of and writers about literature. As we do so, we will discuss the ways in which these writers use baseball as a context to portray other aspects of American life and culture. Authors to include Jim Bouton, Don Delillo, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Bernard Malamud, Marianne Moore, August Wilson, et al. In addition to the three assigned papers, groups of students will take turns making Blackboard posts in response to the reading. Each group will make posts every four or five classes.
I am excited this time around for the release of the film "Fences," adapted by August Wilson from his own play. We have always read the script in this course, and now have a chance to consider the differences existing between stage and film.
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For each of three papers, students will draft a one page proposal, which will be peer-reviewed; a polished first draft; and a revised draft. Each paper will engage multiple primary texts of the same genre e.g. fiction, memoir, drama. We will spend quite a lot of time drafting and refining our proposals, with the understanding that only once we articulate in a compelling, coherent, and useful way what we plan on writing about can we venture confidently into the paper-writing itself. At the same time, students will be encouraged to think on the page in their papers: to pose for themselves questions that they will engage over the course of the paper without feeling compelled to come to rigid or forced conclusions. Students will also be responsible for 4-5 Blackboard posts over the course of the term, in which they identify and discuss key facets of the assigned reading.
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peer review, instructor

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Student assignments will include submissions of paper abstracts, first drafts, and revised drafts.

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Peer review
Peer review of paper proposals will be a major component of the course. I really encourage students to use one another to flesh out their ideas for papers.
Throughout the semester, we'll examine how creative writers use baseball as a contest to address various aspects of the human condition. Each out-of-class writing assignment will ask students to explore what those aspects are for the works at hand, as well as whether baseball seems an effective vehicle for the human stories that the authors are portraying.
The course is clustered by readings of a similar nature: fiction, memoir, and essay, along with one play and some poetry. The three major writing projects will come after reading the selections of fiction, memoir, and poetry. They come more or less at even intervals over the semester. There will also be Blackboard posts assigned by group over the semester. Students will be responsible for posting on the reading every four or five classes.

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