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Anthropology (ANTHRO)
Cultural Anthropology - Writing Intensive
Analysis of human cultures with emphasis on both constant and variable factors at different levels of social complexity; contact between cultures, and cultural influences on individual behavior.
Behavioral Science
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Analysis of human cultures with emphasis on both constant and variable factors at different levels of social complexity; contact between cultures, and cultural influences on individual behavior. Cultural Anthropology is one of the four major subdiscipines of Anthropology. This course is the basic foundation for the study of numerous other courses this subdiscipline. There are no other ways beyond participation on the Discussion Board and Exams.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

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The first two writing assignments deal with controversial issues. These papers should take the form of an argument "for or against" a particular position on each issue. The third, and final paper challenges the student to perform the role of an applied cultural anthropologist, and conduct an 'impact assessment', or evaluation, of the socio-cultural consequences, of contemporary social media technologies. Paper # 1 asks you to consider the issue of 'cultural relativity' presented in Lesson 2 (especially Example 2.1). The general questions are: Should cultural relativity prevail over moral progress? Is the fact that a certain custom is practiced a sufficient reason to allow it to continue to be practiced? More specifically, many people from different societies consider wrong such customs as: bull fighting, dog fighting, bird fighting, cannibalism, genital operations, foot-binding, slavery, and the human rights abuses of sovereign states. Yet, these same practices are, for the most part, considered acceptable in the societies in which they are found. Your task is to select one of these customs and argue "for or against" its continued existence. If you argue against its continuation, then you must also describe how interventions could be made to intervene and eradicate it. Paper # 2 asks you to consider the topic of 'plural marriage' or polygamy described in Lesson 5. The question to be debated is: Should plural marriage be allowed as a legally permitted option for consenting adults in American society? In this paper you will need to describe both the pros and cons. Then describe your rationale for the choice of one position or the other. Paper # 3 asks you to consider the nature, and socio-cultural consequences, of contemporary social media and virtual online communities like Facebook, Linked In, Texting, Tumblr, Instant Messaging, Twitter, etc. Select one of these, and based on your inquiry describe:1) the nature of one of these systems; 2) the cultural rules and expectations surrounding its use; and 3) what you think are the current social and cultural consequences, both "good and bad" about them. Each paper will require: topic approval, submission of an outline, and after making suggested improvements suggested by the Professor, submitting a final draft. Each paper and outline will amount to about 8 pages.
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Paper 1 is an example of ensuring multiple interpretations
Three papers are required. Each paper will concern selected topics and issues from one of three main categories of course content. Paper #1 will be written on topics and issues pertinent to category A, and completed at the end of the coverage of that category after the first third of the class. Paper #2 will be selected from topics and issues from category B and due, in final form, after the second third of the course. In a similar way paper #3 will be selected from category C covering the last third of the class and due in final form at the end of the semester. Each paper will require: topic approval, submission of an outline, and after suggested improvements in consultation with the professor, final revisions and a final draft submission. A list of appropriate paper topics will be provided for each category by the Professor. A set of guidelines for formatting and organizing the papers, as well as the required components to be included, will also be furnished for each paper. Each paper will, in total, consist of at least 8 pages (approx. 2000 words). Each paper will also be worth 20% of the final grade.

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