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English (ENGLSH)
Capstone Experience - Writing Intensive
For students in their last semester, this course focuses on a major project and the processes of selection, research, and writing leading to its completion. Includes a professional component (resume, cover letter).
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Tenured Associate Professor
107 Tate Hall

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In this class, we will consider the depiction of law and justice in literature, focusing on such concepts as social justice; judgment, redemption and punishment; proof and evidence; intention and motivation; confession and contrition; and the relationship between sin and crime. We will consider the ways in which legal and literary discourses and forms shape each other, focusing on such topics as drama and the courtroom, confession as narrative, character and legal personhood, and the relationship between legal and literary ethics. The final section of the class will apply the skills of literary criticism to reading legal cases. Electronic Discussion: You will be assigned to one of three discussion groups for the class. When it is your turn, you will post a 200-300 word entry on the readings that day, due by 5pm the previous day. This assignment has two parts. 1) A QUESTION. Post at least one substantial discussion question for the class's reading assignment. Your questions may be of any length. 2) A SUBSTANTIVE RESPONSE. You will be responsible for answering at least one question (yours or someone else's) related to the assigned readings. Your responses should be at least 200 words long. Both questions and responses should demonstrate how you have read and grappled with the assigned readings. I hope this forum will prompt comments or lead you to ask questions about the texts, to make connections, and to describe important issues, concepts, or arguments that you hope the class will address. These responses may be informal but they must be substantive. I will often use your online comments as the basis for our continuing in-class conversations. I expect that you will read each other's Blackboard posts regularly.
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Close Reading Paper: (3 pages) You will be asked to do a close reading of a passage, with attention to the relationship between form and content. Your essay should make a focused argument about how the passages contribute to the larger meaning of your chosen text. Texts and Contexts Paper: (3 pages) Using the sources provided in the back of our Measure for Measure text, you will write a short essay in which you apply the skills of literary criticism to both the play and the contextual materials, commenting on how they illuminate each other. Critical Review: (3 pages) You will be asked to write a brief summary of the content and method of one of the critical articles assigned for the class and then provide your own assessment. The critical review is due on the date your chosen critical article is assigned. Research Paper: (15 pages You are required to write a research paper (15 pages plus bibliography). Your paper should include (1) a substantial reading of a literary text, (2) engagement with the criticism of your chosen text(s) and the scholarship around your chosen issue or topic, (3) the use of TWO or more supporting primary documents, and (4) an engagement with the thematic and methodological concerns of the class. -A prospectus (250-300 words) of your paper is due in class Oct 29 that outlines the paper you intend to produce for this course. Your prospectus should have a title, state your thesis in the first few sentences, outline the steps of your argument, and identify the evidence you will use. The prospectus should demonstrate and build on your knowledge of the field and differentiate your project from previous scholarship. You will revise the proposal (due Nov 5), based on my comments and those of your peers. Proposals should be typed and double-spaced, and turned in electronically. I will grade BOTH the initial and the revised prospectus. -A draft of at least 10 pages is due Nov 14 -The final paper is due Dec 5
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All of the writing assignments will address questions with more than one acceptable answer since all are based on literary interpretation in which any argument backed by textual evidence and analysis is valid.
close reading paper due Sept 12 texts and contexts paper due Oct 3 research proposal due Oct 29 research proposal rewrite due Nov 5 draft of research paper due Nov 14 rewrite of research paper due Dec 5

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