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Writing Intensive

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Spring 2017

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English (ENGLSH)
Capstone Experience - Writing Intensive
For students in their last semester, this course focuses on a major project and the processes of selection, research, and writing leading to its completion. Includes a professional component (resume, cover letter).
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Tenured Professor
114 Tate Hall

The Campus Writing Program conducts a two-day faculty workshop to assist with the design and implementation of your writing intensive course. Once your course proposal has been approved by the Campus Writing Program, you will receive information on time, date and location of the workshop.
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Writing Intensive Course Information

This is not part of a multi-course sequence. It is the capstone experience for the English major. In this particular class, we will be reading and writing about contemporary disaster fiction. We have in-class short essays, a thesis workshop, and student presentations on their research.
I updated the writing requirements to reflect total number of pages submitted in class, not including in-class writing.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

Short Paper
There will be one shorter paper of 5-7 pages
Length of assignment:

Long Paper
There will be one long final paper - 8-9 pages- with one draft. The first draft of the final paper will be 4 pages and will include the thesis for the whole paper. I will comment on this, particularly with suggestions for strengthening the thesis. This has been very helpful for students in shaping their paper. The point of revising one long paper is that it helps students better understand the revision process and how important it is to creating a solid piece when they turn in the final 8-9-page paper. This is the "final draft" or "final paper."
Length of assignment:

Thesis workshop
I also have a thesis workshop, in which students submit their thesis before their first draft, and as a class we discuss the elements of a good thesis and go over student theses.
Length of assignment:

Total pages for all assignments:
First drafts:
There are in-class writing assignments, which I grade and the class peer reviews. There is also a student presentation, where students present their research interest for the paper and peers provide feedback. This is after the thesis workshop.

In this class, we will experiment with using creative writing skills (developing a character, describing a setting, and creating dialogue) to write a critical essay with a main thesis. For your final paper, you have the option of using one of the three short papers as part of your final paper.

1. Thesis. For this assignment, you will begin thinking about the topic you will write your final essay about, and you will submit a tentative thesis. This is an exercise in learning what a good thesis statement is. Turn in ONE SENTENCE describing the main argument/conclusion of your paper, which answers a question you propose in the paper, and one separate paragraph explaining the topic of this paper and why you chose it. What is significant about it to a general audience?

2. Please write a 2 –page paper, describing a character’s dilemma. That is to say, what does the character look like, what is he/she contemplating, and how is this issue resolved in the character’s mind. The resolution will be the thesis of this paper.

(Note, this paper is peer-reviewed in class, then submitted to as a draft. I return with comments and then they give final paper to me for a grade.)

3. Please write a 2 –page paper, describing a setting.

This is a descriptive paper rather than a paper with a thesis; however, the setting must prompt questions in the reader’s mind requiring a resolution, which will lead to the thesis of the final paper. For instance, you might describe a prison cell that your character is in, which will provide an example for your final essay about people in jail who are innocent.

(Note, this paper is peer-reviewed in class, then submitted to as a draft. I return with comments and then they give final paper to me for a grade.)

4. Please write a 2 –page paper, describing a conversation. This paper will describe an argument between two characters with opposing viewpoints. It should provide realistic dialogue about an important issue that will be resolved in your final paper.

(Note, this paper is peer-reviewed in class, then submitted to as a draft. I return with comments and then they give final paper to me for a grade.)

5. New thesis assignment. (Same as #1) above, but needs to be used in final paper. Peer-reviewed in class during a “thesis workshop,” then submitted to me for suggestions. Revision will be incorporated into final paper.

6. Final Paper. The draft is peer reviewed, then a final version is submitted at the end of class.

Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
Peer review
The final paper, and the drafts, as well as the in-class essays will focus on developing a thesis and arguing its support. The thesis will be based upon their own interpretation of the texts, or an opinion about an issue discussed in one or more of the texts.
In-class writing throughout the semester. The first 6 drafts, midterm paper, and thesis are due in the first 10 weeks. The final paper is due at the end.

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Humanities and Arts
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