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Writing Intensive

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Animal Science

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Spring 2017

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Animal Science (AN_SCI)
Animal Science
Sophomore Seminar: Societal Issues Facing Animal Agriculture - Writing Intensive
Course designed to introduce students to key issues facing animal agriculture. Assignments focus on reading current publications associated with issues affecting the animal agriculture industry. Graded on A-F basis only.
Biological Science
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A-F Only
ENGLSH 1000.

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VP Undergraduate Studies
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This course is designed to help each student understand the far-reaching nature of issues facing the future of animal agriculture. These problems or issues will impact animal agriculture and all of society during the students? lives. These issues, challenges, problems, etc. are often associated with strong emotions of all those engaged in the debate. The goal of this course is to help the student develop a fundamental understanding of the basic and key issues that are the foundation of the debate. During this process, the students will develop computing and information literacy skills associated with electronic literature searches. The search for diverse sources of information will help the student gain a more comprehensive understanding of the issues. Furthermore, the student will communicate this understanding through a number of writing assignments. These assignments are formatted to help the students continue to develop strong writing skills. A key component will be a comprehensive research paper developed individually by each student. The research paper will address the key components of a societal issue facing animal agriculture. Through review of published scholarly works, in-class discussions and writing, the students will also form and develop critical thinking skills. According to the General Education Architecture of the University of Missouri, the graduates from this institution: must be able to grasp the meaning of problems that go well beyond their academic major. They will develop computing and information literacy, will learn to reason well, to recognize when the reason and evidence are not enough, to discover the legitimacy of intuition, to subject inert data to the probing analysis of the mind. These general education goals are central to the structure and the purpose of this course. Prompts required as "Letters to the Editor?
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The course has been taught for 10 years and the key writing elements have evolved to include a research paper that is 10 to 12 pages - the first edition is graded by the instructor, the second edition is peer reviewed with each student reviewing 3 papers, and the final edition graded by the instructor. In addition to the research paper, the students are assigned 3 topical writing assignments (letter to the editor; letter to legislator; etc) that range from 2 to 3 pages each. The course will no longer use take-home or open-book in-class exams. These formats were used to allow additional writing to be incorporated into the course. However, feedback from the students from the last two years suggests that shorter and more frequent learning synthesis exercises would be more effective. Therefore, since W08 we have been using quizzes that are given more frequently and will incorporate a wider array of question formats.
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The course covers topics of current debate in Animal Sciences. There are no predetermined single correct answers to these issues students must defend their assertions
Evenly throughout the semester with the final edition folder to include the graded first edition and the three graded second editions.
Typically 3-4 TAs. The Teaching Assistants used for this course both graduated with honors and have demonstrated excellent writing skills. The TAs have assisted with the course during previous semesters. Each semester we review the grading rubric used to evaluate the papers. We will also work with the coordinators in the CWP office to help prepare the TAs. We work on consistency of marks/terms/abbreviations. We will use the same system that has been successfully used in previous semesters.

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