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Health Sciences (HLTH_SCI)
Health Sciences
Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base - Writing Intensive
This course provides an introduction to the basic quantitative and qualitative research techniques used in public health, health education and promotion, and the health professions. Conducting research, making medical decisions based on research findings, and using and interpreting research and evidence in practice settings all represent potential outcomes for students selecting a career in public health or the health professions. Graded on A-F basis only.
A-F Only
Restricted to Health Sciences Majors with junior or senior standing.

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SHP/Health Sciences
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Tenured Associate Professor
538 Clark Hall

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HLTH_SCI 3900 in an introduction to the basic quantitative and qualitative research techniques used in the health professions. As consumers and/or practitioners of research, future health professionals, as well as those whose career paths intersect with health professionals, must be able to understand and to critically evaluate original research for the purposes of continuing education, finding new applications to practice, or participating in research. In this class, students will learn how to locate, understand, and critically evaluate research conducted in the health professions. Furthermore, students will learn about the foundations of the research process. Topics such as formulating research questions, research ethics, experimental and naturalistic methodologies, quantitative and qualitative techniques for data analyses, and writing research papers and proposals will be covered. For the first four group assignments (each worth 20 points) all students in group will receive the same grade. For the final group assignment (worth 75 points), a group grade will be determined based on the work then the individual grade will be a proportion (up to 100%) of the group grade based on feedback about each individual's participation in the group (from other group members).
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There are three types of grading events for this course: quizzes, the literature review paper, and the group research proposal. The primary assignment in this class is a literature review paper, 5-7 pages in length, for which you will summarize and evaluate literature on an approved topic of interest. The final paper is due toward the end of the semester however, there are six paper assignments prior to the final paper submission that will provide students with feedback on their paper and prepare them to submit the final product. The second major assignment in this class is the group research proposal. For this project, students will work with four other members of the class to create a proposed experiment to address a research question of interest. The project will result in a research poster presentation. As with the literature review, there will be several assignments due prior to the final product through which I provide feedback to the group. The third major contribution to the final grade is the weekly quiz. These quizzes will contain 5-10 multiple-choice or true-false items. They are designed to test understanding of the reading and lecture material. GROUP RESEARCH PROPOSAL 130 POINTS TOTAL Group assignment 1: Description of topic and specific research question - 20 points - 1 page Group assignment #2: Description of proposed design - 20 points - 2-4 pages Group assignment #3: IRB application - 20 points - approximately 2-4 pages Group assignment #4: Research materials - 20 points - 1-4 pages Group assignment #5: Final research proposal - 50 points - 5-10 pages As per the group assignments, for each assignment the group will be asked to identify a "team lead". This person will be responsible for communicating with me about the assignment and submitting the assignment. Each group member will need to take turns being the lead. In addition, I will be creating group discussion boards in Blackboard, and the groups will be posting who will be responsible for what piece of each assignment. It will be the team lead's responsibility to take all of the pieces and submit the final assignment to me. Although each student will have the opportunity to be the team lead, they will all be receiving the same points for each assignment.
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The article summaries, literature review, and group research proposal are all opportunities for unique interpretations and approaches. In terms of the critical thinking aspects, both paper assignments will require the students to think critically. With the literature review paper, students are required to not only review the literature, but discuss the strengths and limitations of the published work and to write a discussion section that provides an evaluation of the literature as a whole. E.g. what knowledge is missing? Where should the field go from here? I generally think that research proposals require critical thinking in all aspects. They do need to use the current literature to provide a foundation for their proposal. However, I think it requires critical thinking skills to identify gaps in the literature and to design a study that would effectively fill that gap.
Students will have assignments due every week starting mid-September
I will have a TA assigned to this course. He has taken the WI TA workshop, and he has worked with me for the past three semesters as well.

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