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Writing Intensive

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Human Devl & Family Science
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Human Devl & Family Science
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Human Devl & Family Science

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Fall 2017

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Human Development And Family S (H_D_FS)
Human Development And Family S
Principles of Human Development - Writing Intensive
Concepts and principles basic to an understanding of human development and learning throughout the life span.
Behavioral Science
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A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
ENGLSH 1000 required for the writing intensive sections of H_D_FS 2400.

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Human Devl & Family Science
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Adjunct Instructor
2307 Ridgemont

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Human Development and Family Studies 2400: Principles of Human Development focuses on the biological, cognitive, social, and emotional changes that occur as individuals move across the life span. The course is an introduction to the field's basic theories, concepts, research findings, and well-known scholars. You should leave the course more prepared to think critically about your own developmental trajectory, as well as those of others. Another main objective of this course is to improve your writing skills. You will also be taught how to use APA style for referencing materials and how to obtain research literature. This course is writing intensive, which means that you will be asked to submit three five-page papers. For two of these papers, you will have the chance to rewrite them so as to improve your grade. Please make sure to read carefully through the information on the Writing Resources page for this course. It provides important hints and guidelines for how to compose your best work.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

Three papers
Three papers are assigned for this class, the first two of which are revised and resubmitted.
The first five-page paper asks students to demonstrate their understanding of human development theory using textbooks, lessons, and two outside scholarly resources. They will revised this draft based on instructor feedback, and, if they choose, on outside resources (e.g., WITS, OW).

The second five-page paper asks students to write a literature review and position paper on divorce: after considering the research again using the textbook, lessons, and two outside scholarly resources, students will choose and justify their position that either divorcing or staying married for the children is advisable. This paper, too, will be revised and resubmitted.

The third and final five-page paper asks students to evaluate whether three celebrities are considered adults, given the current and varying definitions of adulthood. Students will use one outside reference per celebrity to gain autobiographical information and two scholarly references in addition to the textbook and lessons to write an informed paper.

Additional Writing: Ten of the 12 lessons incorporate either essay or short-answer questions. These will be submitted for accuracy of content and writing style.
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Peer review
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The latter two papers do not have clear-cut answers. Scholars have debated the pros and cons of divorce and its effects on children, and the students are asked to consider both, take a side, and justify their position. The second paper asks students to speculate, based on the field's differing definitions of adulthood, whether celebrities are adults. Students have to justify their stance based on literature.
The papers are spaced evenly throughout the course, with the first paper and its revision due for Lessons 2 and 3 respectively, the second paper and its revision due for Lessons 6 and 7 respectively, and the third paper due for Lesson 11. Small additional writing assignments are required to evaluate progress at each lesson except the revision lessons. [Additional Information on Mizzou Online distribution rules: Mizzou Online has rules that help students pace themselves. For example, students can submit only three assignments in a week, exams cannot be taken in back-to-back weeks, instructors have a week to provide feedback, and lessons must be submitted in sequential order. These rules prevent students from submitting 6 lessons in a week or trying to complete a course in a month. This semester, I am also trying a checkpoint system; Mizzou Online sends out emails to students who haven?t completed so many lessons in so many months. This has really helped students keep a steady pace in the course]

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