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Writing Intensive

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Dean of Human Env Sci
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Dean of Human Env Sci
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Human Devl & Family Science

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Spring 2017

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Human Development And Family S (H_D_FS)
Human Development And Family S
Student Teaching FACS in Middle and Secondary Schools - Writing Intensive
What guided practicum experiences will directly contribute to success as a classroom teacher? Students will teach for sixteen weeks within the state of Missouri under the supervision of an experienced FACS teacher.
Field Studies
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
H_D_FS 4800, H_D_FS 4820, H_D_FS 4830, ENGLSH 1000, admittance to Phase III, and instructor's consent.

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Dean of Human Env Sci
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106 Gwynn Hall

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Student teachers in Family and Consumer Sciences Education will complete a 15-cr hour internship. A significant part of that internship is reflecting on the classroom teaching experiences and connecting that to the content information learned in previous classes at Mizzou. Student teachers often communicate with parents through email and newsletters. They write instructions for students, provide feedback on student assignments, and document activities required for student accommodations in the classroom. All of these pieces are included in a portfolio. The portfolio is reviewed periodically throughout the term and feedback is provided to the intern.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

All assignments
Students write weekly reflections on prompts that are provided. These prompts are submitted electronically in Bb as journal entries. They are about 1-2 typed pages each week. Students receive feedback weekly on the quality and depth of their reflection, as well as on the quality of their writing. The weekly pieces are considered drafts and receive a few points (2-5 each week). At the end of the semester, students use the weekly reflections to write a final synthesis paper. This is a formal paper that typically is 20-25 pages long. Students are allowed to submit sections of the paper in draft form along the way and feedback is provided in great detail. The final paper must be revised and rewritten until it contains no technical errors and addresses all content in detail. Low grades are not accepted. Students must revise until the paper falls in the A-range.
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
Students are encouraged to use peer review, and most do so. However, peer review is not required and not scored.
All writing for this course is open to interpretation by the intern. The intern is asked to write about her own experiences and describe how those experiences affect student learning. They evaluate classroom experiences such as how students learn or how students behave and they choose appropriate responses to correct behavior or enhance learning. They then write about how they made their choices and how those choices worked out.
There are small weekly reflections with feedback. Throughout the semester students upload files to their electronic portfolio and they receive feedback as that occurs. Following the internship they complete their final synthesis paper that draws on many of the weekly reflections.

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Education and Social Sciences


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