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Writing Intensive

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Architectural Studies
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Architectural Studies
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Architectural Studies

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Spring 2017

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Architectural Studies (ARCHST)
Architectural Studies
Fundamentals of Environmental Design - Writing Intensive
Survey of the architectural environment emphasizing design fundamentals such as use, aesthetics, stability of structures and human relationships with places and time.
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ENGLSH 1000.

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Architectural Studies
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140 Stanley
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Fundamentals of Environmental Design is a survey of the architectural environment emphasizing design fundamentals such as use, aesthetics, stability of structures and human relationships with places and time. This intensive writing class deals with poetics of architecture. It serves as a primer for visual environmental literacy. The course is designed to introduce students to architecture as a cultural phenomenon as well as an artistic and technological achievement. It includes investigation of key underlying design tenants, philosophies, and socio-cultural factors in designed settings analysis of theory as well as attributes of design fundamentals and an examination of technical, aesthetic, psychological, and ethical concerns that affect environmental design. The course emphasizes the arrangements and the organization of elements of form and space as they determine how architecture promotes, endeavors, elicits responses and communicates historical and symbolic messages. It is an exploration of the history of spatial design through images of places, and a review of culturally-diverse human-made environments.
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1. Four short papers 2-3 pages related to class topics. Two peers review the first draft of each paper. After the peer review, the drafts are revised and submitted for review by the instructors. When these reviews are returned, the students again revise their papers and submit a final version of the paper to be graded by the instructors. All drafts submitted for review whether for review by peers or the instructors are turned in with the final version of the papers. 2. Ten brief abstracts 2-3 pages each based on assigned readings. Each Tuesday during the first ten weeks of the semester students have a reading assignment. The annotated abstract are due on the next Tuesday. The abstracts include a short summary of the main ideas in the chapter and the student's own interpretation on the main subjects introduced in the chapter. 3. One term paper 10-15 pages. Students may select any topic which is related to issues and concepts introduced in this class and research that topic through literature review, on-site visits, and, if possible, personal interviews. The students propose the topic and an outline of the term paper, in writing, for review and approval. Two peers review the first draft of the term paper. This also means that every student reviews two papers written by their peers. The instructors review a draft of the final version. After the final revision, the paper is submitted for a grade.
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I usually have 7-8 TAs in this class. I meet each one of them for a personal interview for the selection process. During the semester we meet every day the class is taught an hour before the class for a discussion of the assignments and the expectations during the class time. The TAs interact with the students during the class time and during their office hours.

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