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Writing Intensive

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Fall 2017

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Art-General (ART_GNRL)
Appreciation of Art - Writing Intensive
Illustrated discussion with examples from varied historic and contemporary art fields on nature of art, functions, methods of creative expression. One section is writing intensive each semester and the other is NON writing intensive each semester.
Lecture/Standard with Laboratory
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
ENGLSH 1000.

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Adjunct Instructor
A126 Fine Arts Building
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Appreciation of Art Writing Intensive provides an investigation of traditional and contemporary fine art. Course goals include a discussion of the formal properties found in major works of art, the interpretation of meaning in works of art, as well as exploring the various processes used by fine artists. The scope of the course also includes issues concerning aesthetics, the creative process and the role of art and the artist in society and culture. Informal and formal written exercises teach students critical thinking through observation, description, formal analysis and interpretation. Textbooks for the course are Henry Sayre's A World of Art and Sylvan Barnett's, A Short Guide to Writing about Art. In labs students break into groups to discuss various topics. They are only for the purpose of discussion. No group assignments are given.
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There is a lecture class of 140 students and 5 lab sections of approx. 30 students.
Graduate teaching assistants work closely with students. I am available to speak to students about their work.
I work with graduate teaching assistants each week to discuss student issues and concerns. Each assignment is "normed" by the graduate teaching assistants and myself.

Writing Intensive Assignments

Micro Theme assignments (10)
Informal Writing Assignments:
Micro Theme 1. Description of a work of Art.
Micro Theme 2. Formal Analysis of a work of Art.
Micro Theme 3. Compare and Contrast two works of Art.
Micro theme 4. Aesthetic Experience.
Micro theme 5. What is Art?

Micro themes allow students to use critical thinking, opinion and creativity while exploring their own ideas about art. Micro themes prepare students for the Midterm and Final exam which consist of essay questions about art.

Each micro theme is 1-2 pages. (x 5 = 5-10 pages. no revision).
Length of assignment:

Semester Paper
For the more formal Semester Research paper students are advised to pick a topic that has to do with art and another discipline, such as art and music or art and psychology. Assignments for this paper are sequenced (or scaffolded) leading to the final paper: 1. a thesis /outline: 2-3 pages 2. a source summary: 2-3 pages 3. a formal analysis of a work of art in the paper: 2-3 (6-9 pages preparatory work). Each assignment helps student writers develop the research paper first draft, (10 pages.) How first draft page count is calculated: 5-10 (microthemes) + 3-6 (preparatory work for research paper) + 10 (first draft research paper) equals 8-26 total first drafts
Length of assignment:
TAs and instructor
TAs and instructor

Total pages for all assignments:
First drafts:
Students complete 2 essay-exams (a mid-term and a final). For these, they write 4 pages per exam.

Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Peer review
All of the assignments for Art 1020 Art Appreciation Writing Intensive encourage critical thinking and analysis with a scholarly approach. The field of art offers students the opportunity to explore aesthetics and critical thinking in a different way from other curricula.
Students start with their first mico theme on the first day of lecture. Students work thoughout the semester on the semester research paper and related assignments. Students take a midterm and a final exam that are essay based.
Graduate teaching assistants are selected from the Art Department, Art Education Department and the Art History and Archeology Department. Resumes and writing samples are submitted. The Chair of the Art Department makes the final decision on graduate teaching positions. Graduate teaching assistants are trained by the Art Department, myself and the Campus Writing Program TA Workshops. Graduate teaching assistants work closely with students. Each assignment is "normed" by the graduate teaching assistants and myself.

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Humanities and Arts


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