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Fall 2017

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Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum (LTC)
Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum
Teaching, Engaging and Assessing Middle-Level Students - Writing Intensive
In this course students will learn about the specific and individual needs of middle-level students and develop the skills and understandings to meet these needs.
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Learning Teaching & Curriculum
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This course provides the opportunity to learn about specific and individual needs of middle level students and how those needs can be met through a middle school experience. This course includes aspects of methods if teaching reading, the teaching of writing and middle level curriculum. Included in this class is an intense study of middle school philosophy and organization, including the roll of teaching teams, advisory, and the role each area plays in student success. Students take part in writing to learn activities as they reflect in writing over class discussions and activities. They also explore their own thinking in a written weekly reading response to the assigned professional readings. Finally, they students turn in an integrated unit that involves a variety of writing including a parent letter, unit overview, lesson plans, and prepared assessments.
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From the Syllabus - Each student will have six written assignments completed during the class. The assignments will utilize all stages of the writing process. During the first class we will learn about the writing process. The writing assignments will include a memoir, a persuasive argument paper, evaluative modifications plan, parent communication newsletter, book evaluation, and a personal plan for classroom management. Each assignment will include a detailed assignment sheet and scoring guide. Additional reflective writing will be included in the daybook and class portfolio. Memoir - The purpose of this assignment is to help students connect with their middle school selves by recording a memoir from that time period in their life. The students create a 3-5 page rough draft which they prepare for writing groups. They get feedback from peers as they read it out loud and receive written feedback from peers. They then complete a final draft for the following class period. This is also 3-5 pages. Persuasive Essay - The purpose of this assignment is for students to take a stance on a hot topic in education, support that stance with research using APA and propose an effective argument in a paper 3-5 pages in length. Doing so will help prepare students to make sound teaching decisions and stand by those decisions after beginning their career. This is also taken through the revision process using peer writing groups and instructor feedback. The final paper is also 3-5 pages in length. Modifications Brochure - This writing assignment is done using Microsoft Publisher or another publishing software. The purpose is to encourage flexibility in thinking regarding instruction of special needs students. By researching a variety of disabilities they can become aware of resources available and develop strategies for helping all types of students. The assignment is also a chance to practice presenting information in a written and graphic format. They work with their peers to finalize their product. Parent Newsletter - The purpose is practice professional and open communication with the families of students. The students work together in teams to create synthetic newsletter that would be sent out at the beginning of the year to introduce themselves while communication policies and procedures. They are highly encouraged to elicit feedback so they can present a very polished and well-edited draft considerate of audience. Book Review - The purpose of this assignment to prepare an annotated bibliography over a professional book. This allows students to become familiar with a single resource and synthesize the information in written format. Students are required to provide an APA citation. This is not taken through the formal writing process. Classroom Management Chapter - The purpose of this assignment is to prepare a professional development resource. Students work in teams to create a chapter that can be added to our whole class management book. The students research management techniques and synthesize the information for use by themselves and others. The culminating document becomes a resource they can consult in their years of teaching.
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Stephanie Wightman
Stephanie Wightman

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While groups will turn in large projects such as a classroom management book and an integrated unit, each student will be assigned an individual portion for assessment purposes.
The persuasive essay is a perfect example of this. Students must choose a controversial topic for which there are at least two stances. They must research and present the position the will take while addressing the alternative option. Their argument must be presented with support forcing them to analyze and evaluate. They must also choose resources that help present their case.
The memoir is prepared within the first month of class. From that point on, one of the six major assignments is due every two to three weeks.

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