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Spring 2017

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Management (MANGMT)
Business and Society - Honors/Writing Intensive
This course emphasizes the ethical implications of managerial decisions and the relationships between businesses and stakeholder groups. Major topics include corporate governance, social responsibility, rights and obligations, and international business.
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A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
Admission to upper level business program; Honors eligibility required.

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1826 Chelle Court, Jefferson City, MO 65101

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The course reviews the role of Business and Society through the use of interactive stakeholder discussions and both creative and technical writing assignments.
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We will use the story of Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc. as background for our analysis and critique of the role of business in society. The course will be very interactive with a heavy emphasis on the use of the Socratic method of teaching. The course focuses on engaged learning via the story of Steve Jobs at Apple and various other current events, cases, activities, and exercises where the students will be asked to grapple with real-world issues. The assignments and course discussions are designed to force the students to search for their own societal identity and develop their own concrete plan for following that path. This is an upper level Writing Intensive (WI) course. As such, it will build on lower level WI courses, but it is not otherwise part of a multi-course sequence. Students will be required to submit at least 20 pages of applied assignments, including substantive revisions to selected original writing assignments (Corporate Citizenship Audit assignment #3; Leading Corporate Citizens Report assignment #4). Only one assignment is completed as a group (of two) project.
I'm going to incorporate the following two new concepts into the course, but the changes will likely not impact the writing assignments: 1. In accordance with the request made by the Honors College, I will be adding content that pertains to the U.S. presidential election. 2. I will be incorporating some new content in the Common Obstacles and Practical Solutions final segment of the course. The new content will primarily be derived from the following book: "Giving Voice to Values" by Mary C. Gentile.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

All assignments
All assignments will be evaluated/graded by me. The following assignments are part of the course: 1st Assignment - Social Vision Statement: [Assignment description from syllabus: Imagine you could live in a world/society that exactly met your deepest desires and dreams. Write an essay, story, or letter to tell about this society. What kind of world is it? Be creative, but also be realistic (i.e. I'm not looking for a description of a land seen only in Disney films). What makes this world interesting, exciting, and engaging? What kinds of organizations exist in that world? How do organizations and institutions in this world intersect? Who are the leaders, corporate citizens, and others in this world? How do they set examples with their guiding ethical principles and provide ethical leadership for any or all of stakeholder groups? What are the important values and ethical principles that make this world so terrific? What, in particular, is the role of business and corporate citizenship in this world? How are companies expected to act and why? How do individuals (including you) fulfill their dreams in this world, i.e., live out their vision, values, passions, and ethical principles)? (Minimum of 1,000 words - which is approximately 4 pages. Be creative.) (15% of total grade)] 2nd Assignment - Personal Vision Statement: [Assignment description from syllabus: Write a creative essay, story, or letter that identifies your dream, passion, vision, or goal in life. What will be your purpose, roles, and vision in creating the world you described in your social vision statement? What is your passion and/or how does your future career path help you fulfill that passion? What else is important? What ideas do you have for how might you integrate your values and/or guiding ethical principles from your own life, work, and mission into the society you envisioned in your social vision statement? Think about practical ways that you can help create the world you envisioned in the first assignment. (Minimum of 750 words - which is approximately 3 pages. Be creative.) (10% of total grade)] 3rd Assignment - Corporate Citizenship Audit: [Assignment description from syllabus: (Note: two students will choose the same company, but will do this assignment individually, pairing up for the next assignment.) As a group, we will identify companies that are, at that time, experiencing ethical problems or scandals. Using relevant business ethics theories and concepts from the course - do a corporate citizenship audit of the company assigned to you. Briefly describe the problem(s) in one or more paragraphs, and then analyze what went wrong with the company's vision, values, and guiding ethical principles. Analyze the company's corporate citizenship through a guiding ethical principles and stakeholder assessment/audit using public sources. What went wrong and why? What are the specific ethical issues facing the company? What are the company's ethics-related policies? Detail the implications of the company's problematic activities on its key stakeholders. Come to some conclusions about why and how these problems occurred from a systemic perspective (i.e., it's not acceptable to simply say, so and so is a bad guy/gal.). (This assignment will be submitted first in draft form and then, after grading, will be revised for final submission. The final submission must be at least 1,000 words. You will be expected to use sufficient library/web sources, appropriately cited, and you will be expected to draw upon appropriate concepts from the course in completing the assignment. The first draft will make up 40% of the total grade for the assignment.) (25% of total grade)] 4th Assignment - Leading Corporate Citizens Report. [Assignment description from syllabus: We all see problems through our own lenses, but in the business world, we must learn to work together to solve those problems. In pairs, project your currently scandal-ridden company (five or ten years) into the future and tell the positive ?story' of the company's transformation into improved corporate responsibility. Be sure to integrate the guiding ethical principles and/or the general business ethics theories that we discussed this semester. Your report should answer many of the following questions: - What did it take to turn this company into a leading corporate citizen after the ethical setbacks you each described in your Corporate Citizenship Audit? - What vision and values are necessary for the company's transformation to improved corporate responsibility. - How has the company engaged its stakeholders during the transformation? - What difficult decisions did the company have to make (economically, societally, and environmentally) in order to assure the positive transformation? - What guiding ethical principles helped to provide clarity to guide those decisions? - How have the various groups of stakeholders been affected by those decisions? (This assignment will be submitted first in draft form and then, after grading, will be revised for final submission. The final submission must be at least 1,000 words. You will be expected to use sufficient library/web sources, appropriately cited, and you will be expected to draw upon appropriate concepts from the course in completing the assignment. The first draft will make up 40% of the total grade for the assignment.) (25% of total grade)]
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Writing Intensive Teaching

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I have incorporated an informal oral presentation process for the Leading Corporate Citizens Report assignment, and there is some feedback associated with that activity, but most feedback on written assignments comes from me.
To some extent, each assignment could have more than one acceptable interpretation, explanation, analysis, or evaluation, but the social vision statement and personal vision statement would most definitely have more than one analysis or explanation since each person's concept of an ideal society and his or her role in that society (in light of his or her dreams and goals) will be very different from another's.
Assignment 1/Social Vision Statement: Due Week 3 Assignment 2/Personal Vision Statement: Due Week 6 Assignment 3/Corporate Citizenship Audit: Due Week 10 Assignment 4/Leading Corporate Citizen Report: Due Week 14

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