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Writing Intensive

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Summer 2017

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Management (MANGMT)
Business and Society - Writing Intensive
This course emphasizes the ethical implications of managerial decisions and the relationships between businesses and stakeholder groups. Major topics include corporate governance, social responsibility, rights and obligations, and international business.
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A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
Admission to upper level business program.

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We will use the story of Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc. as background for our analysis and critique of the role of business in society. The course will be very interactive with a heavy emphasis on the use of the Socratic method of teaching. The course focuses on engaged learning via the story of Steve Jobs at Apple and various other current events, cases, activities, and exercises where the students will be asked to grapple with real-world issues. The assignments and course discussions are designed to force the students to search for their own societal identity and develop their own concrete plan for following that path. This is an upper level Writing Intensive (WI) course. As such, it will build on lower level WI courses, but it is not otherwise part of a multi-course sequence. Students will be required to submit at least 20 pages of applied assignments, including substantive revisions to selected original writing assignments (Corporate Citizenship Audit assignment #3; Leading Corporate Citizens Report assignment #4). The Final Exam will essentially constitute an additional writing assignment. In the final exam, students will be asked to reflect on the issues, topics, processes, and visions addressed in this course and write a 2 page memo to their boss or CEO detailing: 1) what their organization needs to do right now to become a leading corporate citizen tomorrow using relevant course concepts; and 2) what role they will (or would like to) play in effecting that change.
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The course will meet face to face for four hours at the beginning of the summer term. During that meeting, course expectations will be discussed, and students will actually begin working on the first assignment. Thereafter, the course expectations are organized into eleven weekly units, which identify the reading, assignment, and quiz/exam requirements for the week. Assignments are generally evenly paced through those eleven weeks.
Because the assignments and quizzes are evenly paced, I'll be able to quickly and easily identify students who are failing to remain engaged in the course.
I have prepared a detailed rubric, will meet regularly with GTAs, and intend to utilize a grade appeal process for students.

Writing Intensive Assignments

Social Vision Statement
As the first writing assignment, this will begin to engage the students with the material, as it will require them to imagine they could live in a world/society that exactly met their deepest desires and dreams. It will then require them to write a creative essay, story, or letter to tell about this society and the role that business plays.
Length of assignment:

Corporate Citizenship Audit
Detailed Outline: This assignment utilizes the initial writing planning process described in the textbook to teach students how to analyze their intended writing purpose, gather information, and organize content
Length of assignment:

Term Paper
This is a term paper that requires students to use relevant business ethics theories from the course to do a corporate citizenship audit of a company currently in the midst of an ethics crisis. The students will be requires to outline the content first (assignment above) and submit two drafts of the report (described in this assignment). The students will learn research, citation, organization, and technical writing skills.
Length of assignment:

Press Release for Charitable Partnership
Students will be required to write a press release announcing the partnership between their business and a charitable organization. They are to assume that the press release will target the community but will also be included in the company's newsletter, where it will be read by clients and employees of the company. Therefore, students will learn about writing positive messages and developing messages based upon audience.
Length of assignment:

Email with Policy Announcement
Students will be asked to write an email communicating a new policy to their company's employees that the employees will not be happy about. Students will learn how to properly use electronic means of communicating and how to deliver negative / bad news.
Length of assignment:

Final Assignment
Students will be asked to assimilate all of the content from the course into a memorandum to their supervisors that encourages their employers to become better citizens. The students are required to submit specific suggestions for that goal and learn to communicate with the purpose of persuasion.
Length of assignment:

Total pages for all assignments:
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Nearly every assignment contains a component that would satisfy this requirement, but specifically, the following assignments would qualify:
Social Vision Statement - Each student is expected in this assignment to begin exploring how he or she evaluates stakeholder issues within the role that business plays in society.

Corporate Citizenship Audit - Each student is expected to analyze what went wrong, causing a company to suffer an ethical crisis. There will be many views of why and how these companies have escalated into crisis.

Press Release for Charitable Partnership - This assignment requires to students communicate the benefits of a business/charitable partnership in a way that illustrates the benefits to multiple different stakeholder groups, and that will be communicated differently by each student.

Final Assignment - Each student will have to use content from the entirety of the course to identify an area where he or she can best persuade a boss to improve corporate citizenship. Each student will identify differently with each of the covered areas of stakeholder analysis, and this assignment will therefore allow each student to assess his or her ability to communicate in ways unique to his or her assessment of the importance of those stakeholder groups.
Social Vision Statement - Due Week 1
Outline of Corporate Citizenship Audit - Due Week 2
Corporate Citizenship Audit Draft - Due Week 4
Corporate Citizenship Audit Final Version - Due Week 6
Press Release for Charitable Partnership - Due Week 7
Email with Policy Announcement - Due Week 8
Final Assignment Draft - Due Week 9
Final Assignment Final Version – Due Week 11
I will primarily be utilizing either 1) GTAs who have either worked with me in teaching Management 3540 and who have exhibited satisfactory writing skills to me through that process, or 2) GTAs who have worked as GTAs for Management 4140 as writing intensive GTAs. I will meet with them regularly, submit detailed grading rubrics, and review graded documents periodically.

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Education and Social Sciences


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