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Management (MANGMT)
Business and Society - Writing Intensive
This course emphasizes the ethical implications of managerial decisions and the relationships between businesses and stakeholder groups. Major topics include corporate governance, social responsibility, rights and obligations, and international business.
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Admission to upper level business program.

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1826 Chelle Court, Jefferson City, MO 65101

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We will use the story of Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc. as background for our analysis and critique of the role of business in society. The course will be very interactive with a heavy emphasis on the use of the Socratic method of teaching. The course focuses on engaged learning via the story of Steve Jobs at Apple and various other current events, cases, activities, and exercises where the students will be asked to grapple with real-world issues. The assignments and course discussions are designed to force the students to search for their own societal identity and develop their own concrete plan for following that path. This is an upper level Writing Intensive (WI) course. As such, it will build on lower level WI courses, but it is not otherwise part of a multi-course sequence. Students will be required to submit at least 20 pages of applied assignments, including substantive revisions to selected original writing assignments (Corporate Citizenship Audit assignment #3; Leading Corporate Citizens Report assignment #4). The Final Exam will essentially constitute an additional writing assignment. In the final exam, students will be asked to reflect on the issues, topics, processes, and visions addressed in this course and write a 2 page memo to their boss or CEO detailing: 1) what their organization needs to do right now to become a leading corporate citizen tomorrow using relevant course concepts; and 2) what role they will (or would like to) play in effecting that change.
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Social Vision Statement: Assignment Description from Syllabus: [Imagine you could live in a world/society that exactly met your deepest desires and dreams. Write an essay, story, or letter to tell about this society. What kind of world is it? Be creative, but also be realistic (i.e. I'm not looking for a description of a land seen only in Disney films). What makes this world interesting, exciting, and engaging? What kinds of organizations exist in that world and where do they fit into the four spheres? How do organizations and institutions in this world intersect? Who are the leaders, corporate citizens, and others in this world? How do they create visions, values, and value added? What are the important values that make this world so terrific? What, in particular, is the role of business and corporate citizenship in this world? How are companies expected to act and why? How do individuals (including you) fulfill their dreams in this world, i.e., live out their vision and values, passions, and integrity)? Would your view of this world be different if you had a financial stake in one of the companies?] The purpose of the assignment is help the students begin thinking critically about the role of business in society and the various affected stakeholders. 1 Draft; 4 pages; Instructor Evaluation Personal Vision Statement: Assignment Description from Syllabus: [Write a creative essay, story, or letter that identifies your dream, passion, vision, or goal in life. What will be your purpose, roles, and vision in creating the world you described in your social vision statement? What is your passion or and how does your future career path help you fulfill that passion? What else is important? What values are most important to you? What drives and excites you? How might you integrate your values into your life and work and mission into the society you envisioned in your social vision statement? Think about how you will add value to creating the world you envisioned in the first assignment through your vision and values.] The purpose of this assignment is to encourage the students to begin thinking about how their dreams and goals should be firmly integrated with their vision of the society they described in the first assignment. 1 Draft; 3 pages; Instructor Evaluation Corporate Citizenship Audit: Assignment Description from Syllabus: [(Note: two students will choose the same company, but will do this assignment individually, pairing up for the next assignment.) As a group, we will identify companies that are, at that time, experiencing ethical problems or scandals. Using relevant theories and concepts from the course, do a corporate citizenship audit of a company the company assigned to you. Describe the problem(s) in one or more paragraphs, and then analyze what went wrong with its vision, values, and ways of adding value. Analyze the company's corporate citizenship through a responsibility and stakeholder assessment/audit using public sources. What went wrong and why? What are the specific ethical issues facing the company? What are the company's stakeholder-related policies? Detail the implications of the company's problematic activities within the relevant spheres (economic, social, and ecological) on its key stakeholders. Come to some conclusions about why and how these problems occurred from a systemic perspective (i.e., it's not acceptable to simply say, so and so is a bad guy/gal.).] The purpose of this assignment is to begin viewing business decisions through the lens of real world current events and analyzing the impact of those decisions on various stakeholders. 2 Drafts; 8 Total Pages (4 Pages for each Draft); Instructor Evaluation. Leading Corporate Citizens Report. Assignment Description from Syllabus: [In pairs, project your currently scandal-ridden company (5 or ten years) into the future and tell the positive story' of the company's transformation into improved corporate responsibility. Be sure to integrate the stakeholder theories you have been studying all semester and answer the following questions in your story. Start by gathering information about the company as it is today. Then ask yourselves what will it take to turn this company into a leading corporate citizen? Describe the vision and values that you believe will be necessary for the company's transformation to improved corporate responsibility. How would it engage with its stakeholders? What practices would make it exciting and rewarding to work there? What difficult decisions will the company's leaders have to make (economically, societally, and environmentally) in order to assure the positive transformation? What core company principles can help to provide clarity to guide those decisions? What personality traits will best enable the company's leaders to make the tough decisions? How are the various groups of stakeholders affected by those decisions. After making those tough decisions, will this company contribute to the society you envisioned in the first assignment? Why or why not? What roles, if any, could each of you play in helping the company progress through this positive transformation? The purpose of this assignment is to challenge the students to think forward and carefully consider how today's business decisions affect a company and the society in which it operates. 2 Drafts; 8 Total Pages (4 Pages for each Draft); Instructor Evaluation. I will only have one collaborative assignment - the Leading Corporate Citizens Report described in the Syllabus, a revised copy of which is attached to this email. The very nature of that report will require two students to consider how to collaborate in a business environment to address a particular business crisis, and therefore, the two person grouping will submit one document that represents the collective work of the grouping. The document will be graded as such, and I will assign the same grade for each student in that group. I feel that this approach will capture the ideal of the collaboration that is intended. Because this class will be taught using the Socratic method, I will have the opportunity during class time to assess whether each student is demonstrating personal accountability for the project, and I will reserve the right to assess a grading penalty against an individual that I believe failed to demonstrate that accountability to his or her partner in the grouping.
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To some extent, each assignment could have more than one acceptable interpretation, explanation, analysis, or evaluation, but the social vision statement and personal vision statement would most definitely have more than one analysis or explanation since each person's concept of an ideal society and his or her role in that society (in light of his or her dreams and goals) will be very different from another's.
Assignment 1/Social Vision Statement: Due Week 3 Assignment 2/Personal Vision Statement: Due Week 6 Assignment 3/Corporate Citizenship Audit: Due Week 10 Assignment 4/Leading Corporate Citizen Report: Due Week 14

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Education and Social Sciences
instructor contacted for more information grading. Selting 10.23.14: switched to ESS - Jonathan 10.23.14: Emailed professor : The subcommittee thanks you for your additional description on the group work. One worry, however, is if individual students are writing enough for a WI course. According to the guidelines, students must write a minimum of 20 pages, with at least 8 pages of revision, throughout the course. Given the group work, are individual students writing enough? That is, your course assigns a total of 20 pages of drafts (which meets the guidelines), but 8 of those pages are done via group work. Related to the first question, the subcommittee suggested increasing the page numbers for your first two assignments, currently at 2 pages each. Given that the assignments are in-depth (many board members applauded your assignments!), the subcommittee suggested that students may need more pages to sufficiently answer your questions. Given that this is an honors course, this may be even more appropriate. Increasing the page number on these two assignments might bypass the concern in question 1. Your syllabus notes a number of reading assignments. Can you give the subcommittee a bit more context (i.e., from what readings are students pulling from?) for the assignments? Do you plan on attending our Faculty Workshop? It?s a great way to plan your WI course and meet other WI faculty. You can sign up here: 10.27.14: Heard Back from Professor: Professor Mariea just responded to your questions/concerns. Please let me know if this satisfies your concerns. First, I am absolutely comfortable increasing the page numbers for the first two assignments. Would it be acceptable to increase the first assignment to four pages and the second assignment to three pages? Note: According to my calculations, this would give the following:


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