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Mathematics (MATH)
Introduction to Advanced Mathematics - Writing Intensive
Gateway to theoretical math courses. Focus on reading and writing math proofs/rigorously developing background needed in Adv Calc/Abstract Alg. Topics include logic, set theory, properties of functions and integers, the real number system, completeness of the real numbers, sequences of real numbers.
Mathematical Science
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
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MATH 1700.

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Tenure Line Assistant Professor
304 Math Sci Bldg

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This course is a gateway to theoretical math courses. The focus is on reading and writing mathematical proofs and rigorously developing background needed for Advanced Calculus and Abstract Algebra. Topics include logic, set theory, properties of functions and integers, the real number system, completeness of the real numbers, sequences of real numbers.
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Three writing-intensive homework assignments will be revised based on instructor feedback, and resubmitted. Since mathematical language tends to be concise, the length of the initial draft of each of these assignments will be 2-3 pages. I will evaluate each draft, and provide written feedback as well as the opportunity for discussion and clarification. The revised drafts will be approximately 3-4 pages. The final revision should contain model solutions to all problems and the emphasis will be on clarity and quality of presentation and mathematically sound reasoning. There will also be three non-revised homework assignments, each approximately 2-3 pages of written work to be graded by the instructor. These more traditional homework assignments will focus more on the actual mathematics and problems solving skills, although clarity and quality of presentation will also be graded. There will be two midterms and a final exam. Each midterm will be designed to require at least two pages of concise mathematical writing by students, and the cumulative final at least four pages. Since the in-class exams will be completed under time limits where students may not have time to revise points of style and mathematical conciseness, the mathematical correctness will be the dominant factor for grading the exams. The cumulative final will include problems that are very similar to some of the problems on the midterm exams and writing assignments
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In solving the given mathematical problems and writing proofs of mathematical statements and theorems, students are free to choose their own approach, provided they produce logically sound arguments and correct mathematical reasoning. Since the course emphasizes deductive reasoning to obtain correct solutions and structure sound arguments, critical thinking is an essential component
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