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Writing Intensive

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Spring 2017

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Mathematics (MATH)
History of Mathematics - Writing Intensive
This is a history course with mathematics as its subject. Includes topics in the history of mathematics from early civilizations onwards. The growth of mathematics, both as an abstract discipline and as a subject which interacts with others and with practical concerns, is explored. Prerequisites or Cirequisite: MATH 2300 or MATH 2340. Writing intensive sections require ENGLSH 1000.
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301 Mathematical Sciences
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This is a history course with mathematics as its subject. It includes topics in the history of mathematics from early civilizations onwards. The growth of mathematics, both as an abstract discipline and as a subject which interacts with others and with practical concerns, is explored. Group work is important but there is no direct evaluation of this. Typically, I ask students to work in small groups to try to interpret a text. Some groups are chosen to present their interpretations, and there is class discussion. I provide a summary, making sure to list the important points, and possibly some additional comments.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

Microthemes (3)
a) There are several homeworks [3-4], which can be thought of as microthemes, typically 1-3 pages.
Length of assignment:
Adam Helfer

Book Report
b) There is a book report, 5-10 pages, two drafts required. Additionally, students are required to submit a brief plan listing the book and at least two outside sources which they will use in evaluating its historical accuracy.
Length of assignment:
Adam Helfer
Adam Helfer

Term Paper
c) There is a term paper, 10-15 pages, two drafts required. Students are also required to submit a proposal for the paper, describing their topic and giving a tentative bibliography. In all cases, the instructor evaluates all work. Before beginning the term paper, students will submit a 1-page proposal, including a project description and bibliography.
Length of assignment:
Adam Helfer
Adam Helfer

Total pages for all assignments:
First drafts:
Additionally, the mid-term and the final each require some short essays which will total approximately 3-4 pages.

I am attaching scanned copies of two microtheme assignments. (One is identified as an in-class assignment, but I sometimes give it as a microtheme.) Also below is a sample answer for the YBC 8633 assignment. Students find it very challenging to produce responses which are comparably complete and concise. What I am looking for are interpretations and analyses which are both logically rigorous and closely tied to the text.

The other assignment (BM 96957 + VAT 6598) is lengthier and requires more thought; almost all students need two drafts for that one.

If you want to follow the details, you will need to know that the texts are translated from base 60, and this is indicated in the translations by separating the base-60 places by commas (or spaces and a semicolon). (Thus 3,20 = 3 x 60 + 20 x 1 = 200.)

Writing Intensive Teaching

Peer review
I have sometimes used oral presentations, and I may do so again. The difficulty is that they do take a great deal of class time.
a) The homeworks typically ask students to interpret texts usually primary sources and discuss their implications. b) The book report requires the students to discuss the historical accuracy of a book or portion of a book. c) The term paper requires the students to write on an approved topic bearing on the history of mathematics, discussing critically the relevant literature.
The homeworks are given in the first part of the semester. The long writing assignments occupy the latter portion these in turn are broken up so that the students make steady progress: they must first turn in a proposal for how they will do the assignment, which I review and approve, then they have deadlines for turning in their drafts.

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Lina Trigos Carrillo (trigoscarrillol) (Mon, 05 Dec 2016 17:56:32 GMT): Contacted faculty to request more information about individual assignments and microthemes.
Patricia Luckenotte (luckenottep) (Fri, 16 Dec 2016 22:43:33 GMT): I have added MATH 4150W, 01 to the Spring 2017 Schedule of Classes and cancelled the regular section of MATH 4150, 01. The students who were enrolled in MATH 4150 were moved to the new section of MATH 4150W
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