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Writing Intensive

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School of Music
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Fall 2017

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Music Education (MUS_EDUC)
Music Education
Teaching Music III - Writing Intensive
A study of various strategies for the successful teaching of middle and high school music programs.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
MUS_EDUC 4142.

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School of Music
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1807 Lovejoy

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The goal of the course is to acquire a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of the music education discipline, a realistic perspective of strengths and weaknesses as developing professionals, and a compelling interest in learning about and confronting the challenges that lie ahead in future professional lives. The course is last in a set of three: Teaching Music I; Teaching Music II (also writing intensive); and Teaching Music III. All of these courses provide students with reflective discussion, expression, and comprehensive writing. Writing assignments include peer review, reformulation, and application of concepts. Teaching Music III concentrates on choral teaching methods for middle and high school students.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

All assignments
Writing assignments are peer reviewed. Submitted revisions of written assignments must address the instructor’s questions regarding interpretation, evaluation, analysis, and/or further explanation of the content. 1. Multi-part handbook assignment: purpose-to provide a template of an actual choral handbook to use upon employment as a teacher. Includes expectations for students and parents throughout the academic year. Draft (number as needed for mastery) = 20-30 pages. Peer reviewed, and instructor reviewed and evaluated. 2. Philosophy statement: purpose-to express, reformulate, and apply teaching philosophy. Drafts (number as needed for mastery) = 5-10 pages. Peer reviewed, and instructor reviewed and evaluated. 3. Subject Mastery research paper: topic determined by student. Purpose-to comprehend the content from coursework better through critical thinking and written expression. Drafts required (number as needed for mastery) = 5-10 pages. Peer reviewed, and instructor reviewed and evaluated. 4. Field Experience Journal: purpose-reflective writing about each daily field experience in the choral classroom. Length = 1 page per day for approx. 40 days=30-50 pages. Peer reviewed, and instructor reviewed and evaluated. 5. Program notes for Sample Performance Program: purpose-express meaning behind the music included in a concert. Length = 1 page. Peer reviewed, and instructor reviewed and evaluated. Other writing: Informal writing is included in daily journal reflection drafts. Proposals for school administrators are included in the multi-assignment notebook. Lesson plans are created using explanations of what and how content will be taught during a lesson. Practice in communication with parents is included in the multi-assignment notebook.
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Revision is taught through repeated discussion of how critical thinking is employed and expressed on the page. Students are encouraged to consider answers to "how" and "why" questions as they write. Peers then analyze the content. The instructor then gives feedback to improve the quality of the content and the method of expression. Revisions are acceptable if the reader is then able to clearly interpret the content on a higher level of understanding. Students will give oral presentations of their work at the end of the course, and receive feedback from peers and the instructor.
The assignment of "Subject Mastery" includes a topic chosen by each student. The student researches her topic, and writes about it using one or more interpretation, explanation, analysis, or evaluation. She expresses a conclusion based upon various ideas from other researchers. The assignment that includes communication with parents (in the "handbook") addresses the need for flexibility in writing. Depending upon the community, school, age, or situation, a teacher must be able to provide clear and concise written communication for parents of varying backgrounds.
Peer review and instructor feedback are ongoing throughout the semester. The time distribution of assignments is as follows-- Journal reflective writing takes place within 24 hours of each field experience or observation. Philosophy statements are due within the first week, and other assignments are spaced at about 1-2 every 2 weeks.

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