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Writing Intensive

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Music-Instrumental And Vocal Repertory (MUS_I_VR)
Music-Instrumental And Vocal Repertory
Piano Literature I - Writing Intensive
Survey of keyboard music from ca. 1600 to ca. 1800.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
junior standing and instructor's consent.

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This is a two semester course that surveys the literature of the piano and its predecessors. In the first semester, we look at the music from pre-Renaissance through Beethoven, and compare the performance practice issues of the original instruments harpsichord, clavichord, and fortepiano to those of the modern piano. The writing mainly concerns these differences. The students also do listening and score identification quizzes throughout the semester. I also illustrate good writing from assigned readings for the class, especially focusing on the use of vocabulary and syntax in discussing musical performers and performances.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

All Assignments
Short first assignment: respond to reading of listening to Renaissance English keyboard literature. Teacher evaluates, returns for second/final draft. Purpose: to write about music for first time, utilizing proper vocabulary, sentence, and paragraphs.

First project, longer paper: Listen to multiple recordings of the same Bach piece performed on different instruments by different performers. Teacher provides organizational outline of topics to be covered although body of paper can be organized in a variety of ways teacher evaluates first and second drafts, or until paper is completed.

Second project, longer paper: Similar to first project, based on multiple performances and instruments of a Beethoven sonata. Teacher provides some organizational hints, but can be structured similarly to first project. Students evaluate first draft for each other, teacher evaluates second and subsequent revisions.

Midterm and Final Exams contain essay questions which are graded for writing clarity.
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Peer review
Teacher provides samples of good writing and a full music paper with effective and straightforward organization. Guidelines given for grammar and formatting in music writing revisions based on these samples and guidelines. Feedback provided in written form to each student during a one-on-one meeting with the teacher. I summarize issues to address, as well as specific revisions.
The multiple performances that are the basis of each project can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. Some students focus more on the instrument differences, some on the performers, choices of tempi, rubato, tone color, etc. I ask for their opinion of the most effective performance in the conclusion of the papers, based on the evidence presented in the body of the paper. Once they have made a convincing argument in the paper, we discuss their final opinions in class.
First short assignment is written no later than week 2. The first larger project begins in September and culminates about mid-term, and the second project is completed before the final exam. So with drafts and revisions, they are working on a larger writing project almost every week of the semester. The midterm and final essays are in class, which gives me a chance to see if the writing has improved.
See syllabus: listening examples, performance projects, objective portion of midterm and final exam (part of the final exam is a written essay)

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