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Nutrition & Exercise Phys-HES
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Nutritional and Exercise Physiology

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Nutrition & Exercise Phys-HES
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204 Gwynn Hall

The Campus Writing Program conducts a two-day faculty workshop to assist with the design and implementation of your writing intensive course. Once your course proposal has been approved by the Campus Writing Program, you will receive information on time, date and location of the workshop.
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The lectures and laboratories in this course focus on the effects of a session of exercise and exercise training on the human, including muscular and cardiorespiratory physiology, exercise metabolism, and the role of exercise in health, fitness and sports conditioning. The 3 exams will also have short answer and essay questions on them.
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There are 10 labs throughout the course and for each one the students need to do a lab write-up. Most lab write-up are 8-10 pages including tables and figures. Students will be required to revise at least one lab, with the option to revise a second.
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Rubric - we will provide a rubric for each lab that the student can follow to see how the points are weighted. Instructor gives the feedback on most of the labs. On one lab near the end of the course they get a peer review and then they do the revisions.
Lab write-up are required following each lab experience. They have one week to complete the write-up. It will follow the usual lab format of introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusions. Data will have to be analyzed and presented. The discussion and conclusion will require interpretation and a conclusion to be drawn.
There are 10 labs throughout the course and a write-up follows each lab. After the first 2 labs they will be able to rewrite the lab to correct their writing.
Teaching assistants are used to administer the lab portion of the course. These graduate students are selected from our masters and doctoral candidates within the Exercise Physiology graduate program, usually after one year in the program. Admission to this graduate program is very competitive and requires a writing sample and 3 academic letters of recommendation. The GTAs undergo 3 training sessions with the instructor prior to the course. These assistants administer the lab experience, announce the writing assignments, and with the CWP provide assistance during the writing. Grading is performed by both the assistants and instructor. Two labs are allowed a revision.

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Natural and Applied Sciences


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