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Writing Intensive

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Psychological Sciences
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Psychological Sciences
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Psychological Sciences

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Spring 2017

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Psychology (PSYCH)
Topics in Psychology-Behavioral Science - Writing Intensive
Organized study of selected topics in psychology. Particular topic and earnable credit may vary by semester. This course carries behavioral science distribution credit for non-psychology majors. Repeatable upon consent of department.
Behavioral Science
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
PSYCH 1000. This course may be restricted to Undergraduate Psychology Majors during Early Registration.

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Psychological Sciences
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NTT Assistant Professor
125 Psychology Bldg

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The objectives of this course are to understand the psychosocial processes that influence health and health care delivery. Topics to be examined are the psychophysiological and sociocultural bases of health and illness; pain and healing; adaptation to chronic illness; stress; personality and illness; death, dying, and grief; substance use; health-promoting behaviors; patient adherence; physician-patient communication; and using health care. The course will consist of seminar meetings in which we will discuss and critically evaluate recent journal articles. Students will be able to work on revising their graded draft in class, during the last two weeks. They will be able to solicit peer feedback, as well as feedback from the TA and instructor, in real time.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

in-class essays
1) in-class essays: these are one page responses to questions relating to the assigned reading. The purpose is to develop the ability to extract important information from the readings, apply critical reading skills, and to facilitate discussion/ The responses will be evaluated by the instructor. There will be 3 responses in the semester.
Length of assignment:

reaction papers
2) Reaction papers: these are two page papers, in APA format written as outside assignments. The purpose is to fine tune APA writing skills and to substantiate arguments based on empirical research evidence. The papers will be read by both the instructor and the TA, but graded by the instructor.
Length of assignment:

Critical analysis paper
3) a 10-12 page critical analysis paper: this will develop a student's ability to propose a particular position on an issue of interest and to present a cogent argument in support, using empirical evidence. A draft will be required 2-3 weeks before the final version, allowing for substantial feedback and suggestions for revision. The draft will be read by both instructor and TA, but graded by the instructor. The final version will be graded by the instructor.
Length of assignment:

Total pages for all assignments:
First drafts:
All drafts will be read by both the TA and the Instructor, but will be graded by the Instructor

Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
Peer review
Students will also be able to solicit peer and TA feedback on the draft of their final paper.
Psychology is a field in which all questions are subject to interpretation and different forms of analyses. All assignments involve assessing the various perspectives and evaluating the methods used to support a particular conclusion.
Shorter writing assignments are distributed evenly throughout the semester, with a reaction paper due every three weeks, and 3 in-class essays assigned in the first 6 weeks. That allows the students to become comfortable and fluent in using APA style, supporting their arguments with evidence, and posing a cogent argument- all skills necessary for the final paper. The long paper is due at the end of the semester, with a draft due 2-3 weeks earlier. As noted above, students will be able to work in-class on improving their draft during the final two weeks of the semester.
I requested the TA for the course. He is a former MU undergraduate who took a WI capstone with me previously. Assignments will be read jointly by the instructor and TA. This will allow the instructor to model providing feedback to the students and will ensure consistency in grading. The TA will be available to work with the students on the final paper and will read and comment on the reaction papers. All final grading will be done by the instructor.

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Education and Social Sciences


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