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Writing Intensive

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Psychological Sciences
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Psychology (PSYCH)
Honors Research Capstone II - Honors/Writing Intensive
Continuation of PSYCH 4976H. Completion of research project, presentation of poster in a spring conference. Weekly class discussions of student progress. Enrollment limited to psychology majors with senior standing, honors eligibility, a cumulative GPA of 3.5, who have completed PSYCH 4976H.
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Psychological Sciences
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Tenured Associate Professor
204D McAlester Hall

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4977 (available in either honors or non-honors) is the second part of a year-long capstone program for the Department of Psychological Sciences. This is done through a two-semester independent mentorship with a faculty member to conduct an original research project and report/present the results in both a research poster form as well as an APA-style research manuscript. Additionally, a weekly seminar goes along with the independent research to aid in the writing process, as well as prepare students for graduate school and the application process. Students who complete both honors designated course will graduate with departmental honors. Those who complete the non-honors designated courses will satisfy their capstone requirement, but will not graduate with departmental honors.
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each student enrolled in the course having a specific mentor
Due to each student enrolled in the course having a specific mentor, it is not necessary for the course to have GTAs as they will be monitoring the progress of each individual student. The capstone director will set dates and monitor the progress to ensure timely completition of assignments
grades will be determined by individual mentors.

Writing Intensive Assignments

All Assignments
After completing a conference poster proposal, Introduction section and Method section of their independent research study report in the fall semester, spring semester assignments will include... 1) Results section (4-6 pages). After completing data collection, students will analyze their data with appropriate statistical techniques as directed by their faculty mentor and then write-up the analytical results in APA-format. Students will have one rough draft peer-reviewed and another reviewed by their faculty mentor prior to submitting a version to the capstone director. 2) Discussion section (4-6 pages). After determining the study findings, students will write a discussion section regarding whether or not the findings supported study hypotheses, how the findings related to the broader literature, limitations of the study, and overall conclusions and implications of the study. Students will have one one rough draft peer-reviewed and another reviewed by their faculty mentor prior to submitting a version to the capstone director. 3) Research poster (equivalent of approximately 4 pages of text). Students will create a presentation-ready research poster that includes brief presentation of their Intro, Method, Results, and Discussion sections. Students will have one rough draft peer-reviewed and another by their faculty mentor prior to submitting a version to the capstone director. Additionally, students will present the poster at a minimum of one campus forum, as well as the Midwestern Psychological Association meetings in Chicago, IL. 4) Final research report (20-25 pages). Students will compile and submit a final version of their Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion sections as well as a title page, abstract, tables/figures, and references. This report will be in APA-style and journal-ready. Having conducted drafts of most of these sections previously, the version included in the final report will have gone through multiple drafts prior to this point.
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Peer review
Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
The Results, Discussion, and Posters will receive feedback from the individual faculty mentors (along with peer review). The posters will also be presented orally in-class and in multiple forums and given peer and capstone director feedback.
Given the scientific nature of the independent research study the students will be conducting, all project-specific writing, all students will be required to write analytically and persuasively about why the research aims are of interest, why they chose their hypotheses, and how their findings should be interpreted and evaluated against the larger research area.
Results section will be due February Poster will be due in March Discussion section will be due in April Full report will be due at the end of the semester.

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Education and Social Sciences
Please note that this is part of a 2-course sequence (the other is 4976), both of which will be flagged separately as writing-intensive. I?ll be in contact with Nicole to ensure appropriate logistics are in place.


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