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Writing Intensive

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Psychological Sciences
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Fall 2017

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Psychology (PSYCH)
Clinical Psychology Capstone - Writing Intensive
Students work at assigned agencies to gain "real-world" experience in the practice of psychology and attend regularly scheduled class meetings in order to integrate their academic knowledge with their practical experience. Enrollment limited to psychology majors with senior standing who have a grade of C or better in PSYCH 3020.
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Psychological Sciences
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NTT Assistant Professor
25 McAlester

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This course is a capstone experience, intended to give students the opportunity to draw together the knowledge and skills learned throughout their undergraduate career. In this clinical psychology capstone, students will work at assigned community agencies in a semester-long service-learning project while completing coursework designed to integrate academic knowledge with this "real-world" experience. While students learn firsthand about clinical agencies and populations, in-class readings and discussions will highlight advanced ideas on topics such as diagnosis, clinical interventions, and ethics. Students will also conduct an individual research project on a topic in clinical psychology, culminating in a final written report. The emphasis of this course is on: 1) enhancing the critical thinking skills used in clinical research and treatment; 2) using writing as a tool for knowledge building and consolidation; and 3) integrating academic knowledge with practical experience in the clinical field.
I made the switch to Canvas recently, and am excited to enable many of the integrated library features. I have updated some readings and edited some writing assignments.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

APA-Style Literature Review
To synthesize research on a topic in clinical psychology, creating a comprehensive summary and analysis of that topic. And, to learn to communicate ideas clearly and concisely as well as hone scientific writing skills.
Length of assignment:
Teaching assistant and Instructor
For one revision, the TA and instructor evaluate. For the last revision, only the instructor evaluates.

Service Learning Process Report 1
To have students consider their service learning experience in written form, responding to specific prompts that encourage them to engage in some degree of self-assessment as well as site assessment.
Length of assignment:

Service Learning Process Report 2
Similar to the first process report, but with the added prompt that students should evaluate their experience and site with future students in mind.
Length of assignment:

In-class Brief Response Papers
Students practice writing skills (varies) by responding to prompts regarding cases and articles.
Length of assignment:

Total pages for all assignments:
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I was not sure if these should be listed as true writing-intensive activities, but they are part of the course: Students also write 21 discussion posts (each approximately .25 pages long) during the semester.

Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
Peer review
The teaching assistant and instructor both provide feedback to each student. Students must wrestle, at times, with differing feedback from reviewers, which (I think) encourages them to think critically about content and made independent decisions. (They don't like this, but I do.)
Every assignment in this course addresses a question for which there is more than one interpretation or explanation. The Research Project, which involves the Research Proposal, the Literature Review, and the Final APA-Style Paper, requires each student to research a clinical disorder, a clinical controversy, or a relevant clinical issue. All of these possible topic areas are likely to be complex, with multiple scientific findings and contradictory opinions. Students will be encouraged to develop a knowledge base on their topic first, and advised to form their own opinion of their topic only after carefully considering the results of their research along with their experiences in their service-learning placement.
For the Research Project, each writing assignment will build on the previous one, working toward the final goal of an APA-style paper. These writing assignments will be alternated with the less formal service learning process reports.
Teaching assistants are assigned to me, although I attempt to request the same TAs when possible. Teaching assistants will assist with the grading of the writing assignments, using highly specific rubrics to help them grade appropriately, accurately, and constructively. The instructor will review all feedback and edits provided by the teaching assistants and will be making all final edits and suggestions. We meet during the course to first discuss how to grade writing assignments, and then to come to consensus on any grading issues during the process.

One goal of having graduate-level teaching assistants is to ensure that each student receives feedback from multiple editors, as mentioned previously. Although this can be difficult for students at times, particularly when reviewers' comments differ, this is a valuable experience. Psychological journals frequently provide feedback from multiple reviewers, and writers must decide how to proceed, even when such feedback is contradictory. This class will help students to consider feedback from multiple reviewers, and assist them in developing their own abilities to problem-solve and revise in such situations.

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