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Writing Intensive

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Path & Anat Sci-Anatomic Path
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Spring 2017

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Pathology & Anatomical Science (PTH_AS)
Pathology & Anatomical Science
Forensic Pathology and Death Investigation - Writing Intensive
Forensic Pathology and Death Investigation.
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Path & Anat Sci-Anatomic Path
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NTT Assistant Professor
M263 Med Sci Building

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This course is an overview of the death investigation process including notification, collection of information, scene investigation, autopsy examination and interpretation, evidence collection, laboratory evaluation, courtroom appearances, and death prevention. The course is primarily taught by lectures given by forensic pathologists, law enforcement, lawyers and others. This will be 8th time this class has been taught. Student evaluation in the first five years was by two multiple choice exams. Several years ago we moved to a writing intensive class requiring two writing assignments, each requiring a draft. The second year as a writing intensive class we moved to one writing assignment with one draft. This did not go as smoothly as I would have liked as there were too many papers to read at the end of the year. Spring 2015 year we moved to back to two papers. The course is intended as an introduction to this topic for journalism and humanities majors and an interesting elective for other majors. We have not set up extensive group work for this class.
No major changes. I would like to continue with two assignments as was done the first, third and fourth years this was approved as a writing intensive class. I also hope to add short answer writing assignments as a review for the midterm and final multiple choice exams. I have taught this class as a writing intensive class for 4 years. Prior to WI conversion, we had a writing assignment for each course. The nature of my practice as a physician, pathologist and forensic pathologist requires a great deal of writing (as is true in many fields) and I hope to prepare students for writing in their future careers. We will have set due dates for writing assignments prior to the first day of class.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

Autopsy of Journal Article
Title: "Autopsy" of a scientific journal article. Purpose: The first assignment will be to review a scientific journal article selected by the student from several that are provided. I have selected articles that have problems for the student to identify. Number of Required Drafts: I will require one draft very early in the semester then the final draft prior to mid-term. Length of Each Draft: The first and final draft will need to be approximately 1500 words each . Person (s) to Evaluate Each Draft: I will do this evaluation with possible help from a TA The students will chose one article to review from about 20-30 journal articles. These articles have been selected based upon being both interesting and some problems!
Length of assignment:
Carl Stacy & assistants
Carl Stacy & assistants

Controversial topic in forensic pathology, open ended writing assignment
Title/Type of Assignment: Controversial topic related to forensic pathology/death investigation Purpose: The second writing assignment will be an essay/op-ed on a controversial topic related to forensic pathology or a creative writing assignment. The student can chose their topic. Topics I will suggest include the death penalty, funding of forensic pathology offices, abusive head injury in infants, gun control, use of "Tasers", drug deaths and so forth. The creative option can be short story, essay, or the discussion of an episode of CSI/similar television show or a movie. Number of Required Drafts: I will expect at least one draft and a revision. Length of each Draft: The expected length for the final version is expected to be at least 3000 words. The expected length of the first draft is open but I will encourage MORE than 5000 words. Person (s) to Evaluate Each Draft: I will do this evaluation with possible help from a TA
Length of assignment:
Carl Stacy and assistants
Carl Stacy and assistants

Total pages for all assignments:
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
We will have a class session to review writing expectations at the beginning of the semester - perhaps with help from the WI team. I have enjoyed reading student papers in the past but would like to give more feedback and encourage more than one draft. Extra credit will be given for extra drafts. As was true in the past my plan is to read each student's drafts and final at least twice for clarity and convincing argument. I expect the students to write at the junior/senior level and although I will provide some style editing as needed this will not be my major goal. If I have a TA this year we will work on setting up a peer review process by students in the class.
This will be expected from both assignments. The journal articles will include a topic that may be interpreted more than one way or may be open to debate. The students will chose one article to review from about 20-30 journal articles. These articles have been selected based upon being both interesting and having some problems!

The second assignment will lead itself to more analysis by the students. It will be easy to develop an argument on one side or the other on topics such as death penalty, funding of forensic pathology offices, the use of "Tasers" and similar topics. I will expect a clear and convincing argument.
All assignments will be given during the first week of the class. Due dates for the review of a journal article will be during the first part of the term with the draft due in the first week or two of class, the final draft will be due before midterm. The informal essay/creative writing draft will due shortly before midterm and the final will be due prior to the time of the final exam. The exact dates will be on a schedule provided to the students when the class starts. We will have additional writing exercises that are not counted in the total word count. I can discuss this further on request.

The due dates for assignments will be set prior to the first class.
This year I plan to involve a graduate assistant if one can be located. I will select the teaching assistant based upon science background and interest in our topics. A graduate student in physical anthropology or related topic would be perfect. Most other graduate students would also be acceptable. I will train them by clearly giving my expectations the first week. My plan is to have the grad student fairly quickly evaluate the drafts, we will discuss after a class then return the paper to the student quickly. I plan to also read all of the papers.

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