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Writing Intensive

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Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (P_R_TR)
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
Personnel Management and Leadership in Leisure Services - Writing Intensive
Considers theories and practices of leadership and management in leisure services employment. Topic presentation in relationships, attitudes, supervision, motivation and group functioning.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
P_R_TR 1011; restricted to Parks, Recreation and Tourism majors.

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NTT Assistant Professor
105 Anheuser Busch

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This course will assist students/future leaders with enhancing their leadership skills. We will explore theories and models of leadership, as well as analyze crucial components of leadership and personnel management to assist learners with the journey of understanding leadership and management. We will do a few informal writing assignments in class, and the exams for this class are essay format in which they must write using complete sentences. The students will also perform a 15 minute group presentation along with peer feedback and a self reflection reviews to recap the presentation.
The only change is instead of the first draft assignment being an opinion paper we will do the opinion writing during class as an informal assignment. Then have the students learn more about effective use of sources by having a librarian speak to the class about sources and do an activity with showing how to effectively use sources to strengthen their papers.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

All assignments
There are three (3) writing assignments: Position Paper (multiple parts) Research paper used to practice using research to support a claim following APA references, 6-7 pages in length, 3 drafts, one reviewed by peers, and two by the professor and teaching assistant. The research paper 1st draft will be a rough draft research paper, then 4-5 page 2nd research paper, then 6-7 page final research paper with requirement of additional sources. Lesson Plan for Leadership Presentation (15 points for first draft, 10 points for second draft) This will be a 500 word lesson plan created with a second draft being required. Memo of Reprimand (20 points for first draft, 10 points for second draft) Business memo of reprimand: this paper is a business format letter that the students will use as a practice format of how to write a letter of reprimand for an employee, 1 page in length, 2 drafts evaluated by the professor both times. 1 draft, evaluated by the professor. The 2nd draft of the memo will be a memo to the same person who broke the policy a second time following up with addition repercussions. I change the context for the second/revised edition of this reprimand memo because I have found a need to make it more rigorous than the first draft. Students seem to revise without critically thinking through the situation -- since they have already "reprimanded" the employee and gotten feedback on that reprimand, they don't put as much thought into the revision. Thus, I give them a grade on the first one, then slightly change the context of the second one to foster more "thinking" about their audience, purpose, and context. It's a kind of sequencing -- growing towards the more complex.
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Peer review
Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
The written assignments will allow the student to sharpen skills in organization, thinking, persuasion and leadership. Student drafts are required on selected assignments. Through the research paper the students will be responsible for defending their opinion with research and theories related to leadership. This is also encouraged through feedback given on the assignments and by teaching about theories related to leadership.
Rough Draft Position paper due Week 4 2nd Draft Leadership Position Paper due Week 9 Final Draft Leadership Position Paper due Week 12 1st Draft Lesson Plan due Week 11 2 Draft Lesson Plan due date varies based on when group presents but due dates will fall between Week 13-16 1st Draft Memo of Reprimand Week 14 2nd Draft Memo of Reprimand Week 15
My TA and I will grade a few papers together and use a rubric to standardize the grading. We will also use three graders this semester to assist with the large number of students. The graders will be assigned 10 students to grade for the semester and their work will be reviewed. We will also train them on expectations and be using Turn It In to standardize feedback with the comments.

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