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Writing Intensive

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Spring 2017

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Science and Agricultural Journalism (SCI_AG_J)
Science and Agricultural Journalism
Fundamentals of Communications - Writing Intensive
Instruction in writing about conflicts in agriculture and the environment and their cultural impacts. Emphasis on media literacy, critical thinking, communication and the interplay of science and human values.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
ENGLSH 1000 and sophomore standing.

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Applied Soc Sci Div Admin
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214D Mumford Hall

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Course Description: Students will understand and apply basic rules of grammar to written business communications upon completion of class. Students will identify the purpose and audience for a written document and organize the information needed to write it. The class will discuss the importance of the communications processes and skills, as well as critical thinking in today's business environment. Students will become proficient in recognizing how to write effective business messages (positive, negative and persuasive). Students will be able to compose well-researched proposals and reports individually and while working on teams. Class discussion will focus on the free flow of information to the public in a democratic society. Students learn how to become critical consumers of information. Students will prepare and deliver oral team presentations appropriate for business audiences. Finally, students will identify and apply effective writing techniques used in finding employment.
The following correspondence from a student working in a professional position after graduation gives me great comfort knowing the curriculum that I have created is serving a useful purpose. On those days when students are difficult to engage in class, I refer to this email to reassume me the results of the lessons taught produce the skills employers are seeking. This is where you come in, I wanted to thank you SO much for all that you taught me at Mizzou. Public speaking, selling techniques (finding out what the customer wants), ethics in business, business presentations, proper and professional business writing are all areas where I feel confident, trained, and qualified because of you. Not only that, but these are areas that I work in constantly. Your classes are so valuable and have made a huge difference. Customers and people in general notice these areas in business. You have helped us operate with excellence. Changes made to the class: additional worksheet exercises on conciseness, distinguishing among who, that, and which, and parallelism.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

All assignments
Description of Writing Assignments: 1. Self-Assessment paper. The purpose is to evaluate the students' basic writing skills. It is graded and handed back to students to emphasize problematic writing errors. Topics are pulled from news stories. Students are to write a 1.5 page paper describing how they feel about the given subject. Two drafts required. Graded by professor and Peer Review. 2. Business email and accompanying Business Letter or Memo: The purpose is to develop a well-written, professional Letter or Memo, 2 pages, which is introduced with an e-mail. The assignment is e-mailed to the instructor for grading. Draft and final paper. Additional Writing: This class has in-class writing assignments, sometimes done in groups, sometimes done individually. Multiple homework writing assignments are assigned the first 9 weeks of class. 3. Employment Cover Letter/Resume/Thank you Letter: This is a three piece assignment, 3pages in length, 2 drafts required, addressing the special qualities an employer is seeking in a job application. Students are to make themselves immediately appealing to busy recruiters who can quickly see how they can benefit the organization. Peer Review and Professor grading. 4.Interview Memo Assignment:1.5 page paper. Learning about writing techniques in the workplace. Students seek out an employer they hope to work for in the future and interview an employee to learn about on-the-job writing. 5. E-mail and Negative Message. Students are asked to respond to a customer complaint via an email message or memo. Students learn to minimize bad feelings associated with disappointing news. Two pages total. 6. Persuasive Message paper, 2-3 pages. This memo or business letter teaches students effective techniques to influence an individual?s beliefs or actions. A peer review is completed on the section of the paper that uses facts, expert options, examples or other details to determine if the student's arguments are sufficient to persuade the audience. A draft is graded and a final paper. 7. Written and Oral Team Presentation: 5 pages. This assignment is intended to have students think about themselves as professionals with a valuable commodity to sell and how to sell it. Student work in teams as they would in a business, offering ideas, writing and designing visual aids or handouts and speaking persuasively before a group. Written Team Presentation: Students work in assigned teams to develop a written proposal, two pages, two drafts, highlighting the benefits of hiring the company they represent including but not limited to an explanation of current business practices, staffing, budgets, proposal ,and call to action regarding persuading the customer to accept their proposal. Both drafts graded by instructor and TAs. Peer review done on rough drafts. Oral Presentation: Teams prepare a presentation lasting 12 minutes based off written proposal (Power point presentation included; 7-12 slides). Peer Reviews and Instructor graded. Revision: Peer review Instructor will provide feedback for students. Students will do oral presentations and receive feedback from video taping, peer review and professor grading. 8. Final paper is video critique and self-review of oral presentation skills. Assignment graded by professor. Rubrics assigned for all papers.
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TA's and professor

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Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
Peer review
Rubrics used on all assignments; rough drafts and final papers. Various criteria are given different point values on each assignment. For example, creativity is not as important for some assignments as others. TA's grade all rough drafts.
I believe all the written assignments allow the writer to explore more than one interpretation or analysis. For example, the persuasive business letter/memo requires the students to write persuasively about a new technology or piece of equipment that would enable them to perform their respective job at a higher level. The student is allowed to choose any piece of equipment/technology. In the team writing exercise they may create most any business to "sell" to the customer. Students must create a viable business, explain to an audience how the business could benefit the audience, analyze what exactly is important to the audience, and evaluate the business goals of the audience.
Each week or every two weeks a writing assignment is made either in class or given on theassignment page in Blackboard.
Teaching Assistants are recruited from the graduate program in Journalism. Training involves norming sessions between TA's and professor. Training may also include the WI class given before each semester. Professor and TA's meet weekly for one hour sessions to visit about grading and curriculum.

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