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Sociology (SOCIOL)
Collective Behavior - Writing Intensive
Analysis of crowd behavior and related phenomena: rumors, disasters, fashions. Social responses to unclear, dangerous or unjust conditions. The dynamics of conflict, consensus and change.
Behavioral Science
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
PEA_ST 3520 - Collective Behavior

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Tenured Associate Professor
329 Middlebush Hall

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Collective behavior refers to the processes through which people construct discourses and practices that are different from or challenge ?routine society.? In this class we will study several forms of collective behavior -- mass hysteria, crowds, riots, and social movements, and explore their relationship to emotions, morality, and violence. There is no group work aside from in-class dyads to discuss topics.
The overall format of this course is successful and remains the same, however, the content of the course is updated and I am using more online video clips than in the past.
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Two essay exams, one research paper and five two-page analytical exercises are required. The research paper is roughly 7 pages (with additional bibliography) with one peer review draft, a second draft that is returned with extensive comments, and a final draft. (The students have a first draft for in class peer review that is graded pass/no pass. )
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In the research paper students analyze a social movement organization of their choice through identifying how it emerged, mobilized, its organization and ideology, and how it framed its concerns to the public. In both essay exams students answer questions requiring their analyses of questions such as why riots take place and/or whether or not cyber sabotage (e.g. Wikileaks) is a form of nonviolent civil disobedience or sabotage.
The first exam occurs a month into the course followed by the research paper drafts and final paper written during the second third of the course, the final essay exam takes place towards the end of the semester followed by panel presentations of research paper findings at the end of the course. Short writing assignments in relation to the readings are done throughout the course.
TAs are selected based on their familiarity with the course topic. We norm for all assignments by meeting and grading the same essay or paper. TAs are provided with a grading guideline by me. We norm until their is standardization of expectation for content. I review a selected portion of the TAs grading before returning the papers to students.

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Education and Social Sciences
9.28.15: Emailed for additional info on page number and assignment descriptions. 9.28.15 The students have a first draft for in class peer review that is graded pass/no pass. I neglected to include the first draft and included only the other two drafts for which students receive points.


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