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Writing Intensive

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Sociology (SOCIOL)
Senior Seminar - Writing Intensive
Integrates perspectives, methods, substantive foci of undergraduate courses. Analysis of sociology as a discipline and profession. Discussion of opportunities for graduate study, employment.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
SOCIOL 2950 and SOCIOL 3100 and senior sociology major.

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Adjunct Instructor
334 Middlebush Hall

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This is a writing intensive senior capstone seminar. In this class will you will study the role of environmental context physical, social, economic and individual characteristics that shape individual and population well-being. Students will learn to think critically about the ways that context shapes opportunity structure, individual actions, social relationships, health behaviors and consequent well-being. Class discussion and critical writing are emphasized as are opportunities for graduate research and employment opportunities.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

All assignments
Segment 1: Definition of the problem. Proposal of topic. Students are expected to identify a topic/issue for their paper and explain the sociological significance of the issue. One (1) draft required; 3-5 pages. Evaluated by both instructor and peers. Segment 2: Literature review. Students are to identify and critically analyze existing scholarly literature on the issue, paying attention to the limitations of existing scholarship on their topic. One (1) draft; 5-7 pages. Evaluated by both instructor & peers. Full paper: Students will produce an integrated paper, combining revised versions of both segments 1 & 2, and adding their own contribution to the topic. This may be original research, policy proposals, or a full research proposal. Two (2) drafts; 12-15 pages. Evaluated by instructor only. Book review: Each student will write a brief critical review of one of the sociology books read & discussed by the class. The question to be answered is "Is this good Sociology" One (1) draft; 2 pages. Evaluated by the instructor. (No revision.) In-class free-writes: Students will free-write 5-6 times during class on how the topic/article of the day relates to the topic they are studying for the full paper. One (1) draft; 1/2 - 1 page. Evaluated by the instructor. (No revision.)
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Peer review
Instructor provided feedback
Please refer to more extensive descriptions included above. Each paper, including peer reviews, allows for many acceptable interpretations and evaluations.
The free writes will be distributed throughout the semester. The first segment will be due early so that students can have plenty of time with their feedback and consider a change of topic before moving on to their literature review. The second segment will be due around week 9. First draft of the full, integrated paper will be due at the end of week 13, with the final draft due during finals week. The book review due dates will depend on the book the student reviews. All of them will be completed between weeks 7 & 13.
The teaching assistant will be selected by Edward Brent, Associate Chair of the Department of Sociology, and graduate assistants will be trained by the instructor. Clear rubrics are developed for each writing requirement and the teaching assistant will be fully briefed on paper expectations. The instructor & TA will having a norming session with each of the paper segments & the integrated paper. The TA will grade the book reviews. The instructor will grade all of the free-writes.

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