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Writing Intensive

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Social Work
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Social Work
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Social Work

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Fall 2017

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Social Work (SOC_WK)
Social Work
Exploration in Social and Economic Justice - Writing Intensive
This course explores issues of fairness and equality in economic, political and social systems, and applies social justice principles to major social problems. Course may be repeated two times for credit. Graded on A-F basis only.
Behavioral Science
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
ENGLSH 1000.
PEA_ST 2000 - Exploration in Social and Economic Justice

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Social Work
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Tenured Associate Professor
719 Clark Hall
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This course explores issues of fairness and equity in economic, political and social systems, and applies social justice principles to major social problems and the practice of social work. Social justice is a broad perspective that contemplates that all persons deserve equal rights, protection, opportunities, obligations, and social benefits. The course will examine definitions and perspectives of social and economic justice, and will focus on the context and impact of power, oppression, and privilege for individuals, families, communities, and cultures within historical and contemporary perspectives. The course will assist students in examining personal and professional values and ethics related to social justice and its application in the socio-political environment in which social work practice occurs. The profession of social work's history, its person-in-environment orientation, and value system are used to frame and analyze problems and determining ways to promote a more just society and global community.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

Reaction Paper
One additional reaction assignment (~500 words, 10% of final grade) asks that students articulate a position on a particular social issue. Following submission, each student is provided an unidentified submission from a fellow student and asked to identify the thesis and argument presented. I review this student critique and add my own before submitting the paper back.
Length of assignment:
Peer review

Comfort Zone Reflective Essay
One paper (~5pages, 15% of total grade) is designed to be an experience that will take students outside of their "comfort zone." The assignment requires the student to pick a situation to experience foreign to them. Some possibilities include attending a church service for a religion that is very different than your own, attending an open Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and eating a meal at a social service agency that serves free meals.
Length of assignment:

Short writing assignments
There are 10 short (~200 words, total 20% of final grade) writing assignments that require reflection on class readings, films shown in class, or review of web site material. Each seeks interpretation and analysis.
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Social Issue Argumentative Essay
For the 'social issue' paper, each student defines a social/economic justice issue of their choosing and conducts limited research on the topic. Students must articulate the power dynamics involved, groups affected, and the nature of the injustice. The paper includes a section that addresses how to ameliorate the injustice presented, the tactics needed to achieve justice, whether progress is being made, and any resulting costs that come with reform. Students must also address the consequences of inaction. The first draft (~8 pages) is submitted to the instructor for feedback and returned for revision. Final papers should be 8-10 pages in length.
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Peer review
Given the nature of the topics addressed in class, assignments are acceptable so long as they present an articulate, supported, well-reasoned argument. Indeed, a big challenge in the class is to encourage discussion in papers and in class of topics on which there may be considerable disagreement (e.g., affirmative action, re-distributive economic policies). Assignments also invite self-reflection, but I encourage students to write more than "This reading made me feel ___" and clarify the injustices and any contradictions that the class material presents.
See above. Each week sees at least one writing assignment. Attendance and class participation 15 points Study questions 20 points Take a social position 10 points Comfort zone paper 15 points Issue analysis final paper 40 points
I will identify a social work doctoral or masters student with a talent for writing and enthusiasm for the topic of social justice. In preparation for the semester, I will review with the TA assignment submissions drawn from previous semesters and discuss how I've graded them. I will discuss my expectations for students for each writing assignment. The TA's role will be limited to attending class, grading writing assignments, and being available for office hours.

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Education and Social Sciences


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