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Writing Intensive

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Social Work
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Social Work
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Spring 2017

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Social Work (SOC_WK)
Social Work
Research for Social Work Practice - Writing Intensive
This course introduces social work research and its relevance to practice, emphasizing the School of Social Work's social justice mission. Graded on A-F basis only.
A-F Only
Social Work Professional standing or consent required.

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Social Work
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Tenure Line Assistant Professor
710 Clark Hall

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Writing Intensive Course Information

This course is the first of a two-semester research sequence in the professional BSW program. This course helps students to conceptualize the research process as it applies to the field of social work and to prepare a research proposal in an area of the students' interest, with an emphasis upon social justice concerns for vulnerable and disadvantaged populations. This course focuses on research concepts and skills useful in developing the knowledge base of social work practice, as well as developing the ability to read and understand journal articles. The second semester course (another WI course (SW4952), will allow the students to undertake their research proposal and gain hands-on experience with data collection and analysis. Individual work will be assessed via in-class participation; students will be observed during in-class group work. Individual students may be assessed on their mastery of the assigned readings through short quizzes.
Removed two assignments that were duplicated in SW4952. Introduced additional ways to evaluate individual student progress and writing.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

Problem statement
Identify and introduce the social problem of interest to study
Length of assignment:
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Explain existing theories to explain the phenomenon or social problem of interest
Length of assignment:

Literature review
Summarize what is already known about the topic of interest
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Total pages for all assignments:
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Length of writing assignments is given to students as a range. For example, 2 page assignments can be 2 -3 pages. The literature review can be between 8 - 12 pages.

Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Peer review
Individual work is assessed by having students identify which group members were responsible for individual sections of each assignment.
Multiple interpretations are encouraged. Each student will view their topic of interest from a unique perspective, and this is encouraged. All writing assignments will be interpreted, analyzed and assessed within the context of the existing published research, the chosen setting for each particular student research project, and the selected sample for the study.
By the second week of the semester students will begin to select topics of interest. The first assignment draft will be due approximately week four. Revisions will follow immediately after the assignment is returned to students. Assignments are evenly spaced every few weeks throughout the semester, and the final paper at the end of the semester requires synthesis of all previous assignments.
The TA will be selected from the doctoral or masters program in social work. The TA will be selected based on research productivity and previous TA experience. The TA and the instructor will meet before the class and will discuss the course extensively. For each assignment the instructor and TA will discuss a grading rubric ahead of time. The TA will be in every session of the class. The TA's role will be to communicate with students who need assistance on writing assignments and group work. The TA will also assist with grading, particularly with grading the revisions and evaluating the extent to which revisions incorporated feedback from the first draft.

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Education and Social Sciences


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The class will include lectures and group work. Students will often work in groups during class while the instructor and TA circulate to give feedback. Student performance will be monitored via attendance, class participation, and contribution to group assignments. The instructor will provide the first round of feedback on all writing assignments, and the TA will read the revised version and evaluate the extent to which the revisions successfully incorporated instructor feedback. The instructor will review all of the grading done by the TA.
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