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Writing Intensive

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Romance Languages & Literature
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Romance Languages & Literature

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Spring 2017

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Spanish (SPAN)
Introduction to Hispanic Literature II - Writing Intensive
Selected plays and poetry of Spain and Spanish America.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
SPAN 3160 or equivalent.

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Romance Languages & Literature
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NTT Assistant Professor
Arts & Science Building 212E

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Spanish 3430, Introduction to Hispanic Literature II normally follows in sequence Introduction to Hispanic Literature I. Spanish 3430 includes readings in Hispanic poetry and drama. Students will be doing written informal homework each day in which they write on the content of the readings and sometimes a brief analyis on 2-3 topics.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

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Spanish 3430 Writing Intensive (Introduction to Hispanic Literature 2; Section 3; Class Number 54458; MWF 1:00-1:50 PM) Spring 2015 Students will be reading poetry or a drama over the course of the semester along with written homework to assure good understanding for classroom discussion. This should require multiple pages of informal writing to be turned in to the professor each day, totaling around 40 pages over the semester. Each month of the semester, students will have a topic from one of the readings for which they are required to write a formal paper with deep analysis. In the month of February, this will require a minimum of 2-3 typed pages for the first draft. Then along with a list of questions that the professor provides, each student will do a self-evaluation and then will re-write and produce a second draft, which will be turned into the professor for his evaluation. Using this feedback, each student will be required to turn in a final draft. This format should require the 3-4 weeks of the month along with 6-9 pages of writing in Spanish. The same format will be used in March, but instead of using self-evaluation of the first draft, there will be anonymous peer evaluation by another student using a list of questions from the professor to be used in making the evaluation. Finally, during April-May, each student will produce a 3-4 page paper in Spanish. This study will cover April and May and incorporate the Final Exam Week. This last phase will include the initial student draft, self-evaluation, peer evaluation, professor evaluation, and the final draft. This will therefore incorporate at least 15 total pages. The nature of the course, which has readings of Hispanic poetry and drama, easily responds to the writing intensive requirement of having more than one acceptable interpretation, explanation, analysis, or evaluation.
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Peer review
Students will do self-evaluation using a list of questions to consider from the professor. Students will do anonymous peer review using a list of questions to consider from the professor. Students will receive two rounds of feedback from the professor.
When the students are writing about one of the dramas read, they will be asked to include the importance or lack of importance from a historical, political, and/or geographical point of view and the impact upon the effectiveness of the work in a theatrical form.
Writing is distributed throughout the entire semester, homework each day along with a 3-4 version essay in Spanish each month.

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Humanities and Arts
Per Brenda Klemme, only section 01 of SPAN 3430 with Fleak is WI. Section 02 is non-WI


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