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Writing Intensive

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VP Undergraduate Studies
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VP Undergraduate Studies
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Spring 2018

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Service Learning (SRV_LRN)
Service Learning
Civic Leaders Internship - Writing Intensive
Students in any major may enroll in 3-6 credit hour internships with state government offices and agencies.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
consent and application required.

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VP Undergraduate Studies
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Adjunct Instructor
204 Lowry Hall

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Writing Intensive Course Information

The Civic Leaders Internship Program CLIP engages MU students from degree programs campus-wide in 16-30 hour government internships primarily legislative and statewide elected offices, at the same time as they study public policy and the processes of state government. CLIP students enroll in a weekly seminar/writing workshop in which we discuss their learning and how they reflect on their internship experiences through writing assignments.
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The interns meet between 6-8 times each semester for writing workshops. Otherwise, they spend the bulk of their time engaging in their internships.
We skype, work through blackboard, meet with students in Jefferson City as well as 2-3 times during the semester in Washington, D.C. We engage in writing workshops, meetings at placment sites, and individual meetings in my office.
For each assignment we engage in grade norming and compare grades on multiple papers. Since we use "Turnitin," I can review the grading practices of the group and make adjustments and suggestions.

Writing Intensive Assignments

Office and Constituency/Community Profile
Interns research the missions and goals of their internship sites as well as detail their role as interns and the expectations the offices hold for them. They research their constituencies so that they might better understand the citizens they will be serving, as well as the issues that face our state/nation. Finally, students reflect on their learning goals for the internship, and then refer back to this document in subsequent progress reports and personal assessments.
Length of assignment:
Pape, Foley, GA
Pape, Foley, GA

Progress Reports/Journals
Because student interns work in different sites with diverse learning experiences, the progress report/journal format allows them to explore and articulate their unique experiences and professional development. Sections in these reports include a summary of their internship activities; a discussion of what they have learned about public service, civic engagement and professional contexts; and substantive research concerning public policy and the constituencies they are serving. Of importance in these reports are the choices they make for research, personal development, and creating effective service contexts. The more they know, the better they will be able to serve their constituents.
Length of assignment:
Pape, Foley, GA
Pape, Foley, GA

Internship Self-Assessment
In this final report students describe the trajectory of their internships, taking into consideration the learning goals they set for themselves, the research they have performed, and their contributions to their offices. Students reflect on what they have learned about the role and processes of government or how non-profits engage resources to fill voids in community development. Finally, interns reflect on and articulate the skills they have developed or discovered within themselves, and how they may engage in impactful public service in the future.
Length of assignment:
Pape, Foley, GA
Pape, Foley, GA

Total pages for all assignments:
First drafts:

Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
Each one of the writing assignments includes the possibility of interpretation, explanation, analysis, and evaluation. In my opinion, these qualities are essential in terms of critical reflection of this type of field experience.
Constituency Profile begins the writing process, as students define their field experience, their constituency, and their roles in the offices. Progress reports, 3 times throughout the semester, serve to outline their experiences as well as provide a venue for public policy research and reflection on personal and professional learning. The self-assessment piece submitted during finals weeks creates a context in which interns may reflect on the trajectory of their internship, how they impacted their sites and what they learned about service, government and professional skills
The majority of the GA's contribution involves working directly one-on-one with students concerning their weekly progress reports and research and reading and grading throughout the semester. The GA attends the Campus Writing workshop, and we work together at the beginning of the semester to clearly define the pedagogical goals we set for progress report writing and our expectations of student reflection. As students submit their writing, we engage in on-going discussion of their performance and grade norming. The GA works all hours in the office as well as Jeff City, so that we have constant interaction about student performance.

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Humanities and Arts


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