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Writing Intensive

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SHP/Health Sciences
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SHP/Health Sciences
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SHP/Health Sciences

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Fall 2017

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Health Sciences (HLTH_SCI)
Health Sciences
Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base - Writing Intensive
This course provides an introduction to the basic quantitative and qualitative research techniques used in public health, health education and promotion, and the health professions. Conducting research, making medical decisions based on research findings, and using and interpreting research and evidence in practice settings all represent potential outcomes for students selecting a career in public health or the health professions. Graded on A-F basis only.
A-F Only
Restricted to Health Sciences Majors with junior or senior standing.

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SHP/Health Sciences
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605 Lewis Hall Columbia, MO 65211
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This course is an introduction to the basic quantitative and qualitative research techniques used in the field of health professions. As consumers of research, future health professionals as well as those on career paths intersecting with the health professions will need to understand these various accepted research methods which inform and shape practice. Conducting research, relying on research findings and using the evidence base in practice settings are all potential outcomes for students selecting a career in the health professions.
Students will learn about the basic elements of research as well as the strengths and weaknesses of various methodologies. Topics such as the Institutional Review Board, research ethics, types of research design, validity and reliability will be covered.
More focus has been placed in the area of reading, understanding, and writing literature reviews. This includes the research process. Also, writing assignment have been organized to divide the work evenly throughout the semester.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

Assignment 1
Response paper- Students will write a response paper on a topic chosen by the professor. The paper should be between 500-750 words long. Students will first peer review and then revise papers in order to receive full credit for this assignment. (2-3 pages of writing, additional 4-6 of revision)
Length of assignment:

Assignment 2
Article critique- students will critique either a qualitative or a quantitative research article and submit an appropriate critique guideline form. The final paper should be between 250-500 words long. (1-2 pages)
Length of assignment:

Assignment 3
Final Paper- The final paper should synthesize the ideas presented in class along with the articles summarized in the literature review and be subject to a peer review. The paper will consist of an introduction, literature review including the methods, analysis, findings, a discussion and take home message for consumers/practitioners. The peer feedback must accompany the final draft to receive full credit. The paper should be at least 2000 words long (8-10 pages of writing)
Peer Review - Students will complete a peer review of a classmates final paper draft. (8-10 of revision)
Length of assignment:

Total pages for all assignments:
First drafts:
Participation-This is a 100% online course. As such, participation is evaluated by students' presence on the discussion board. Students will be presented with a variety of activities to complete as part of class discussion. Generally, participation will take place on a weekly discussion board post, in which students will be required to contribute to a discussion and provide feedback to colleagues. This weekly submission is approximately one half to one type written page and the students will have approximately 15 weeks of discussion board participation. (7-15 pages)

Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Peer review
Due to the nature of the course in health care, many possible interpretations exist. Students are encouraged to explore their own experiences in their writing. Therefore, the personal views of the students are not graded. The graded portion of the course involves how the students apply research and literature to support the findings of their research paper.
The writing is allocated in such a way as to decrease the workload burden of any given point in time. This course contains a series of short papers distributed throughout the semester.
A TA will be selected based on their ability to assist students throughout the writing process. They will also be selected based on department recommendations. The TA will offer an online presence on the course discussion board to answer any questions students may pose throughout the writing process and assist the instructor with grading if necessary.

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Natural and Applied Sciences


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