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Writing Intensive

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Political Science
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Political Science
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Political Science

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Fall 2017

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Political Science (POL_SC)
Political Science
Introduction to Political Research - Writing Intensive
This course is an introduction to the systematic analysis of political phenomenon. It examines the meaning of "explanation" and "causal reasoning." and research strategies designed to make valid causal inferences. The course overview experimental design, measurement, hypothesis formulation and testing, and the display of information, using substantive examples from two or more fields of political science for illustrative purposes. Graded on A-F basis only.
Social Science
Lecture/Standard with Discussion
A-F Only
Sophomore standing; C- or higher in STAT 1200, STAT 1300, STAT 1400, STAT 2200, or STAT 2500 or C- or higher in MATH 1300, MATH 1400, or MATH 1500.

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Political Science
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NTT Professor
113 Professional Building
Department of Political Science
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Writing Intensive Course Information

This is our "what is political science" research methods course. Every student who majors in Political Science must take this course. This course introduces students to the philosophy and practice of political science research.
There are two major goals of this course. The
rst is to have students become critical consumers of current
political science literature. The second (more ambitious) goal is for students in this course to develop
theories of politics, empirically test them, and eloquently discuss the results of their analysis. For illustrative
purposes, the class provides substantive examples from several
elds of political science (American politics,
international relations, comparative politics, and public policy). The goals of the course are to prepare
political science majors for the more analytical upper-level political science courses, to improve their research
skills, and to increase their ability to make valid causal statements about political events and behaviors.
I have restructured some of the writing assignments. There are still three papers, each with second drafts, but the assignments have changed a little from my first time teaching the course.
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The class has several graduate assistants and have discussion sections. The class meets as a class twice a week and has graduate led discussion sections once a week.
Both the graduate students and I will grade written work.
We will have regular meetings to review grading and students will have grading rubrics created by me to standardize the grading of written work.

Writing Intensive Assignments

Literature Review
Three are three writing assignments. All will relate to a topic of the student's choosing that they will work on throughout the semester. If the three assignments are combined, it amounts to a research proposal. The first assignment is a literature review of previous work relevant to the student's topic.
Length of assignment:
the student's discussion section leader and Professor
the student's discussion section leader

Journal Article Review
To critical analyze a piece of political science research and for students to familiarize themselves with the standards of political science research.
Length of assignment:
Discussion Section instructor and professor
discussion section instructor

Research Design
To lay out the nuts and bolts of a research project. Students will propose methods and data and lay out how they would carry out this project.
Length of assignment:
prof and discussion section instructor
discussion section instructor

Total pages for all assignments:
First drafts:

Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
The writing assignments are all based on a research topic of the student's choosing. By their nature, they involve areas of inquiry that are subject to debate and multiple interpretations. Areas could include such topics as political participation, voting behavior, international relations, etc.
The papers are spaced evenly throughout the semester.
Exams to be comprised of essay and short answer questions (40%)
Quizzes and discussion section assignments (15%)
Meetings with the t.a.s before the semester begins and on a weekly basis. They will also attend the workshop.

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Education and Social Sciences


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