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Spring 2017

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English (ENGLSH)
Studies in British Literature - Honors
Topic (e.g., Gothic Literature, The Domestic Novel) announced at time of registration. No more than six hours may be taken in the Topics in British Literature series.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
Honors eligibility required.
ENGLSH 1000.

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NTT Assistant Professor
English Department
114 Tate Hall

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In this course, students will read all six of Jane Austen's published novels (primary sources), giving them an opportunity to delve deeply into the work of a particular author and explore her development across time in her cultural context.
1. Canvas posts on each day's reading assignment will encourage original critical thinking about the material and the exchange of ideas among students with different insights and interests. They will also contribute to the promotion of the goal of effective communication.
2. While all students will present their projects to the class, some students will also have the opportunity to present their work at a meeting of the Central Missouri chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America in April.
3. Students will have the option to work on their final projects in groups, though those who want to pursue an idea on their own will be allowed to do so. Classroom and Canvas discussions will promote the development of a community of thinkers (always a crucial component of my classrooms, Honors and non-Honors).
4. Creative final projects will be strongly encouraged. In my Honors courses in the past, final projects have included videos,song cycles, a series of oil paintings (which, with student permission, hang in my home office), and a quilt designed and completed to represent a particular course theme (and, in the Humanities Sequence, one student did an interpretive dance inspired by Dante's Inferno for extra credit). I have no idea what students will come up with this semester.
5. Outside the classroom, I plan to hold a Jane Austen film festival, with films based on her novels shown every two weeks.
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Oral reports
Final project will be proposed by each student or group of students to be reviewed and approved by the professor. While analytical and research papers will be accepted, students will be encouraged to produce creative projects using any medium they choose.
In addition, students will be required to post to the Canvas discussion board for each reading assignment, initiating and enriching class discussion online.

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Although my rank is only NTT Assistant Professor, I used to serve as Associate Director for the Honors College at MU (2001-2011), and I have a long record of successful Honors teaching at MU and an understanding of the unique challenge and rewards of Honors teaching. I have designed this course with my experience of Honors students and Honors teaching in mind.
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