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Writing Intensive

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SHP/Health Sciences
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SHP/Health Sciences
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SHP/Health Sciences

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Fall 2017

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Health Sciences (HLTH_SCI)
Health Sciences
Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base - Writing Intensive
This course provides an introduction to the basic quantitative and qualitative research techniques used in public health, health education and promotion, and the health professions. Conducting research, making medical decisions based on research findings, and using and interpreting research and evidence in practice settings all represent potential outcomes for students selecting a career in public health or the health professions. Graded on A-F basis only.
A-F Only
Restricted to Health Sciences Majors with junior or senior standing.

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SHP/Health Sciences
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NTT Associate Professor
114 Clark Hall
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This course is not part of a multi-course sequence. HP 3900 in an introduction to the basic research techniques used in the health professions. Health professionals must be able to understand and to evaluate original research for the purposes of continuing education, finding new applications to practice, or participating in research. In this class, students will learn how to locate, understand, and evaluate research conducted in the health professions. Furthermore, students will learn about the foundations of the research process. The objectives of this course are:

Students will recognize and understand basic research methods terminology and concepts.
Students will be able to identify strengths and limitations of various research methodologies.
Students will be able to locate appropriate datasets to use in their research
Students will apply research methods concepts to health and healthcare-related scholarship and professional applications.
Students will recognize the role of research in larger understandings of health and healthcare delivery.
Students will be able to communicate with general audience about the strengths/limitations of various research methodologies and how they are used in health-related research.
Students will develop an appreciation for the use of research and how it can be used to help improve health and quality of healthcare delivery.
Students will develop skills for furthering their engagement with research beyond the course and in their professional careers.
Students will learn to work and collaborate in small groups.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

Article reviews (2 in total)
The purpose of these assignments is for students to practice evaluating scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles based on specified methods issues. Students will review 2 academic journal articles over the course of the semester. Students will identify basic topics such purpose, sample, findings, conclusions, measurement, theory and hypotheses, and validity. Each article review will be between 2-4 pages in length. Dr. Ruggeri will provide the grade and feedback.
Length of assignment:

Final paper
The purpose of this assignment is to practice accessing and writing a peer-reviewed research style paper relevant to work in health sciences. Students are asked to locate a dataset in which they will perform basic statistical analysis. Before each step we will review the guidelines/expectations for the next piece due and guidelines will be posted on Blackboard.
The paper (10-15 pages) will consist of an abstract, introduction, literature review, data analysis and findings, a discussion, and recommendations consumers/practitioners. The peer feedback response memo must accompany the final draft to receive full credit. Papers must follow APA style.
Throughout the semester students will turn in portions of your final paper for review and feedback:
Paper Topic (10 points)- Students must write a short paragraph describing their area of research and why it is an important question in their field.
Introduction and Literature Review (10 points)- Students will submit their paper’s introduction and summary of at least 5-7 scholarly articles.
Data Analysis (15 points)- Students will find a data set, or collect primary data for their paper. A preliminary analysis of this data will be reviewed.
Peer review (15 points)- Students will be randomly assigned a paper to review. Students are to critically critique the paper and provide constructive feedback. The peer review feedback of your paper must be submitted with the final draft.
Final Draft (100 Points)- The final version of your paper is due towards the end of the semester. It must incorporate all of the relevant sections and formatted references. It will be submitted hard copy in class.
Presentation (25 points)- Students will present your paper and findings to the class
Dr. Ruggeri will do the grading and provide feedback.
Length of assignment:
Dr. Ruggeri
Dr. Ruggeri

Total pages for all assignments:
First drafts:
CWP Comment: Even though only 5 pages of the first draft of the final paper are reviewed by the instructor, students receive feedback from their peers.

Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
Peer review
Dr. Ruggeri will provide guidance on how to locate, edit, and perform basic statistical analysis in various computer programs such as Excel, SPSS, and/or Stata
Students are required to select their own topic and to discuss this topic within the context of the methodological concepts that we cover in the class. Dr. Ruggeri will provide feedback and suggestions about how to focus the papers within the bounds of the assignment and class material but students will have ability to interpret, analyze, evaluate the research in their topic as they see fit.
Students will "practice" writing about research throughout the course. Article review assignments will provide valuable exposure as well as feedback to critical writing. Students will also receive feedback on the various sections of the paper as they submit them at throughout the semester. This feedback can be used to make improvements on their final product.
Dr. Ruggeri has attended the Fall 2016 writing intensive workshop

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Natural and Applied Sciences


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