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Psychological Sciences
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Psychological Sciences
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Psychological Sciences

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Spring 2018

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Psychology (PSYCH)
Developmental Psychology - Honors
Origins and development of child behavior, emphasizing basic physical, cognitive, affective and social processes, and theory and research rather than application or guidance. Cannot receive credit for more than one of the following: PSYCH 2410, H_D_FS 2420 or H_D_FS 3420 or ESC_PS 2500.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
Honors eligibility required. This course may be restricted to Undergraduate Psychology Majors during Early Registration.
PSYCH 1000.

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Psychological Sciences
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NTT Assistant Professor
210 McAlester Hall

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Because this is an honors course, we will utilize the textbook to provide background knowledge about
issues in developmental psychology, and embrace the opportunity afforded by the small class size to
consider specific research investigations, hands-on learning opportunities, and critical thinking activities
to delve more deeply into scientific methodology and the role of empirical research in child development.
This course was specifically designed to expose highly motivated students to the inner workings of
scientific laboratories through field trips and tours, to allow for direct interaction with experts in various
domains during guest lectures, and to observe infants and children both in a natural environment and
during classroom demonstrations. We will also be able to tailor some of the course content and more
deeply examine particular topics depending on the interests of the class participants, even including topics
you may want to explore but that were not necessarily designed as part of the core course. Taken
together, this will create a unique, enriching environment for you to experience firsthand the process by
which scientific research is conducted and the impact that developmental psychology has on the world
around us.
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Short essays
Oral reports
Term papers
The course requires 3 exams (all non-cumulative), 2 papers, and a final group project. There are also many in-class activities.

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