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SHP/Health Sciences
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SHP/Health Sciences
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SHP/Health Sciences

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Spring 2017

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Health Sciences (HLTH_SCI)
Health Sciences
Public Health Principles, Practice, & Education - Honors
Public Health is the science and practice of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research for disease and injury prevention. This course focuses on the basic structures of the Public Health system in the U.S. and provides an introduction to the factors that influence and shape that system. Among others, factors include socioeconomic, financing, politics and global issues. Students in this course will be challenged to consider the complex web of factors affecting the health of communities. The course will explore: health needs assessments, examining relationships among behavioral, environmental and genetic factors that enhance or compromise health, examining factors that influence the learning process, and examining factors that enhance or compromise the process of health education. Graded on an A-F basis only.
Social Science
A-F Only
Honors eligibility required.

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SHP/Health Sciences
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NTT Associate Professor
501 Clark Hall

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What makes this an Honors course:

This course is structured differently than other HS3300 sections. We will explore practices and principles through primary texts, statistics, and media forms, not just a textbook. Thus the course is more topic-based; students will be expected to use critical thinking skills, active engagement with course materials, and debates to make connections between topics (e.g. Gun Violence, HIV) and public health principles.

This broad set of public health topics will provide students with insights into how we as a society approach public health problems, and ways we try to solve them. Further, we will have a more in depth focus than in regular sections on the role of gender, race and class, and on global positioning. We will make use of various primary texts including novels and non-fiction writing to understand how gender, race and class shape inequities in public health.

The topics covered will provide students with various ways of thinking about and connecting to Public Health as an important part of their own lives and futures. The course will culminate with students presenting in small groups the sort of public health policy, intervention or public service announcement that addresses one of the public health concerns raised during the semester, thus asking students not just to learn about public health but to being thinking of themselves as having a role in solving public health problems.

This course requires reading, writing, participation in discussions, and group work in class. Students must attend class to do well.
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Group Final Project:
(150pts) Group will pick and research a PH issue, create a 10-15 minute presentation outlining the issue, current policies, and/or problems, then suggest how to "solve" the issue. Details on Blackboard/Canvas.
Quizzes -
Online Quizzes:
(3x25pts, 75pts) There will be 3 quizzes that cover material in the first 6 weeks of the course. Each quiz is open books/notes, and will be available on Blackboard/Canvas for a week.
Other -
(25x1pts, 25 total pts): You are expected to arrive and leave on time. Class is from 3:30 - 4:45 PM. Sign in each class. You will receive 1 points per class attended for a maximum of 25 points. This allows for 4 absences without penalty.
Participation/Group Work:
(up to 15 points) Active participation in group work and class discussions
Homework Assignments:
(3x25pts, 75pts total) Details for 3 HW assignments will be posted and submitted on Blackboard/Canvas: HW1 Public Health in Action, HW2 Controversies in Public Health, HW3 Mythbuster.
Reading Response Questions:
(RRQ - 6x10pts, 60pts total) Students will sign up for either TU or TH RRQs. Bring typed print out to class & take notes on issue in class. RRQ includes: statement grounding question in reading, followed by question or statement for discussion. Details will be posted on Blackboard/Canvas. Submit in class.
Book Club Questions, Notes and Write-up:
(2x75pts, 150pts total) Bring one page of questions/thoughts about book (25pts), take notes during discussion (25pts), write-up 2 page essay about issue raised in thoughts/discussion. Details provided & Submission on Blackboard/Canvas.
Extra Credit:
(2x5pts) There will be several options, students may complete up to 2.
Students can complete up to 550 points from course requirements (plus 2x5pts possible extra credit points).

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