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Writing Intensive

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Campus Writing Program
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Sanders Jr
Learning Teaching & Curriculum
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Learning Teaching & Curriculum

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Spring 2017

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Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum (LTC)
Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum
Teaching Middle and Secondary English/Language Arts II - Writing Intensive
Prepares prospective educators with the knowledge and strategies necessary for integrating and teaching the English/Language Arts, primarily focusing on the teaching of writing and critical thinking.
A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
Admittance to Phase II.

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Sanders Jr
Learning Teaching & Curriculum
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NTT Assistant Professor
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Writing Intensive Course Information

TELA II is one of three courses required for secondary English Education majors. Your enrollment in TDP 4484 is to assist you in the field as you connect theory with classroom practice. While TELA II focuses primarily on learning to teach writing, it blends with the other methods courses. TELA I focused on teaching literature, young adult literature, and critical thinking. TELA III focuses on the same, but shifts to the primary focus of cultural studies and media literacy. All three courses focus on Literacy (writing and reading a variety of print and nonprint texts), Oracy (presentation and exploratory talk), and Mediacy (comprehending and composing electronic media). his course is focused on teaching pre-service teachers how to teach writing in high school. The process of writing is an essential part of this course. We will be reading texts and articles that help explain the process of writing and how to teach writing successfully in high school English Language Arts.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

Teaching: 20%
Participation and professionalism: 10% Attendance in class and in the field, promptness in class and turning in assignments, participation in class.
Excessive absences (more than 2) or arriving late (more than 2 times) without a valid excuse will result in a lower grade.

Teaching: 20%

Teaching a mini lesson (5-15 minutes): Includes lesson plan, self-evaluation / reflection. Submit lesson plan to instructor and host teacher 48 hours before you teach - 5%

Teaching a large group lesson (20-55 minutes) in the field, at Youth Writing Conference, and/or to our class. Includes approved lesson plan (48 hours before lesson to host teacher/instructor), self-evaluation, and conference with host teacher and/or instructor - 10%

Field Journal (one entry per session, handed in every other week) - 5%
Length of assignment:

Writer's Workshop: 50%
Writer's Workshop: 50%

Writer's Notebook (may be online) with evidence of ongoing out-of-class writing (at least an hour's worth of writing per week - ONE HOUR of writing each week could be broken into pages: about six pages of handwritten text or three pages of typed text). One section needs to include your personal goals and accomplishments as a writer during the semester (this can range from topics and types of writing to details of grammatical/conventional tips). Notebooks are collected three times during the semester -20%

Responses to Assigned Readings that demonstrate an understanding and inquiry of the text. I should see that you have read, questioned, connected (or disconnected), and considered what the text says about teaching and writing. Collected in class as assigned (5- 7 one page responses)- 10%

One position paper as part of the Writing Intensive course requirements (3-5 pages) - 5%

Personal/Professional Writing Reflection with two pieces of writing taken to final draft (Length will vary, but approximately 5-7 pages with three drafts)- 15%.
Length of assignment:

Strategies, Theory, and Curriculum: 20%
Unit-series of lessons using literature, writing, reading, oracy & mediacy (10 or more pages with two drafts)-- 10%

Reading and writing about literature lesson plan (2-3 pages plus supplementary materials) -- 5%

Technology Exploration & Implementation: Through an online venue you will share writing, provide writing/language insight, and post lesson materials to share with one another (length will vary, but students will post 1+ entries per week) - 5%
Length of assignment:

Total pages for all assignments:
First drafts:
For some assignments, students have to present two drafts.

Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
Peer review
Students will be assigned writing groups for major writing projects and will "workshop" each of these writings through multiple drafts. Guidelines for workshopping the assignments will be provided, and the instructor will monitor the writing groups to ensure adherence to the guidelines. The instructor will also collect and provide feedback on at least one preliminary draft in addition to the final draft of each major writing assignment.
Students' responses to Assigned Readings should demonstrate an inquiry into and deep understanding of each text read. It should be evident that students have read, questioned, connected (or disconnected), and considered what each text has to say about the teaching of writing. Collected in class as assigned (5-7 page responses)-10% One position paper as part of the Writing Intensive course requirements (3-5 pages)-5%
Students will write each week in their fields journals, and they will write responses to assigned readings each week in their Writer's Notebooks. The position paper will be assigned around mid-term, due three weeks later. The unit plan will be due at the end of the semester No two major writing assignments will be due the same week.

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Education and Social Sciences


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