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Palacios Rivera
Agricultural/Applied Economics
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Agricultural Economics (AG_EC)
Agricultural Economics
New Products Marketing - Writing Intensive
Learning experience to develop skills in marketing new agriculture products. To include market analysis, goals and objectives, action plan, financial evaluation and monitoring and measurement. In small groups, students will develop complete marketing plan for a new product.
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AG_EC 1041 or ECONOM 1014.

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Palacios Rivera
Agricultural/Applied Economics
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NTT Assistant Professor
Mumford Hall 214B

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Lab assignments are in groups to help with research component. Each student write (draft and revision) of a current market situation analysis for their new product, financial evaluation and promotional plan, and a marketing plan summary. They submit via TurnItIn. All assignments are checked for plagiarism; an originality report is produced from TurnItIn. New Products Marketing is a unique learning opportunity for students from various departments of the university to develop practical business marketing skills. In previous semesters, students have developed marketing plans for new food products, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, value-added agricultural products and consumer products. Historically the class has focused on physical products, but students may also choose to develop marketing plans for services and experiences as well (e.g. a restaurant, BB or tourist attraction). Working in small teams, students develop a marketing plan for a new product/service/experience chosen by the team. Students will develop a marketing plan as a team and individually write a marketing plan summary after individually writing several shorter papers relating to research and analysis related to the marketing plan. Teams will present a preliminary market analysis after the fourth week of the semester and a summary of their complete marketing plan near the end of the semester.
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Formal Assignment 1. Market Situation Analysis Paper, 2 Drafts. 1500 words [5-8 pages] each draft. This assignment is about analyzing the chosen product market, firm, and competitors. Students are provided a very explicit grading rubric. Marked/Graded by instructor and TA. From graded draft, students revise and re-submit. Total 3000 words with revision. Formal Assignment 2. Financial Evaluation and Promotional Plan Paper. 2 Drafts, 1700 words [7 - 10 pages] each draft. The objective of this assignment is to develop SMART objectives based on current situation analysis and a financial evaluation to set marketing strategies, and a monitoring and controlling system. Total 3400 words with revision. Graded by T/As with Instructor supervision and sampling. Formal Assignment 3. Marketing Plan Paper, 1 Draft 7000 words [12-18 pages]. Due 1 week after their Final Presentation so the due dates are 13th, 14th, 15th week to spread grading. Paper is the culmination of the class and brings together the 4 Ps of marketing for their product, all the chosen marketing strategies and specific tactics and programs. Graded by T/As with Instructor supervision and sampling. The three writing assignments (draft and revision) are all individual assignments.
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The class is Marketing related. It is hard to make an assignment that has a right/wrong answer. Analyzing products, customers, market trends all involve interpretation and there are always many acceptable interpretations. No matter what you are trying to do in marketing; dealing with human perceptions, motivations, behavior, you are always dealing with incomplete information. My students have to think A LOT!
Students start writing during labs as a group. They present their current situation analysis (after 4 weeks of research). During presentations they get immediate feed back; this occurs before the first individual writing assignment is due. The revision is due three weeks from first submission. The second assignment is due a week after first revision assignment. The revision of the second writing assignment is due three weeks later (week 12). The final writing assignment which cohesively combines the first two writing assignments is due by week 15. Groups present the final summary before the final submission is due to receive feed back.
I meet attend labs and closely work with TAs, so that they know my expectations. Students communicate and compare and consistent grading is critical. They strictly follow rubrics. We meet after draft submissions to grade and discuss assignment rubrics etc. My Labs are completely Team Based and the work is very task oriented and all about applying what we learned and discussed in lecture 2 days before. The TAs manage the Labs in that they keep student teams on task and answer basic questions as they complete application assignments related to their chosen topics. I "float" around the labs each week, mostly because it is fun but really the students are mostly teaching each other in Lab. Student teams working together are totally capable of figuring out the Lab Assignments 95% of the time. My primary recruiting method is that EVERY semester I identify the 5-6 best writers who enjoyed the class. I then tell them to contact me if they choose to go on to grad school someday. I also make sure that I have overlap on when TAs are finishing their graduate programs so TA institutional knowledge doesn't all leave at once.

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