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Writing Intensive

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Chemical Engineering
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Chemical Engineering
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Chemical Engineering

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Fall 2017

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Chemical Engineering (CH_ENG)
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Laboratory I - Writing Intensive
Laboratory study of some principal unit operations of chemical engineering.
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CH_ENG 2226 and CH_ENG 3235.

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Chemical Engineering
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W2009 Lafferre Hall

Chemical Engineering
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W2033 Lafferre Hall
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This is a core Chemical Engineering (ChE) course within the ChE undergraduate BS sequence. There is a course instructor change from Dr. Sheila Baker to Dr. Patrick Pinhero, Dr. John Tatarko, and Dr. Mary Myers. In this course, students will complete hands-on engineering laboratories in groups. They will then provide written and oral laboratory reports. Some reports will be done as a group and some will be done individually. They will also be required to write a proposal to suggest a new experiment that could be taught in this course and defend their choice. The peer reviews will be reviewed by the instructor for completeness.
The course was taught for one semester by a NTT John Tatarko. Dr. Tatarko was released by the university after one year. Dr. Pinhero will teach this with a NTT, Dr. Aycan Hacigolu. The other major update is that the course was updated with new equipment.
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Writing Intensive Assignments

Pre-laboratory and laboratory reports
The writing assignments consist of pre-laboratory drafts and regular laboratory full reports which will consist of a final draft that will be graded by the instructors and edited for a rewrite and final report submission. The students compose laboratory reports to effectively communicate results they have obtained from experiments they perform. There are typically 5 written reports, and 1 oral report, and 1 proposal each semester. The oral report is completed in groups. Some (3) of the written reports are done in groups and some (2) individually. For the group reports, each group member will be assigned a section of the report for which they are responsible. Students will be required to turn in a first draft and a final draft of the report. The drafts/reports are typically 5-10 pages in length. Given their nature, the group laboratory reports have a peer-review built into them as the group is responsible for compiling the sections into one sensible document with a nice flow. However, I the professor for the course, will evaluate the drafts and provide specific feedback. I will also grade the final reports to ensure consistency. [The 2 individual lab reports, 5-10 pages each, are also revised based on the instructor's feedback].
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Instructor (PJ Pinhero)
Instructor (PJ Pinhero)

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Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Oral presentation by student, followed by feedback
Peer review
In one assignment, each student will be required to write a proposal for an experiment to cover an engineering concept not currently covered in the laboratory. The students will have to explain, evaluate, and defend their choice. There are, of course, many experiments that the students could potentially choose and many interpretations as to why that particular experiment would be important to have in class. Further, in the laboratory reports, sometimes there is more than one interpretation of why the results may not match what is expected theoretically. The students will have to evaluate why experimental results do not always align with theoretical predictions in their reports.
Each student will act as 'chief engineer' at least twice during each semester. As such, he/she will be responsible for presenting both the pre-lab methodology and final report. It is not uncommon for these written reports to be greater than 25 pages.
The lab TAs will assist in instruction, not grading or writing intensive (WI) activities.

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Natural and Applied Sciences


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