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Writing Intensive

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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies

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Spring 2017

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Classical Humanities (CL_HUM)
Classical Humanities
Classical Mythology - Honors/Writing Intensive
Myths of Greece and Rome in literature and art.
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A-F (allow student to choose S/U option)
Honors eligibility required.

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Classical Studies
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Tenured Associate Professor
408 Strickland Hall

The Campus Writing Program conducts a two-day faculty workshop to assist with the design and implementation of your writing intensive course. Once your course proposal has been approved by the Campus Writing Program, you will receive information on time, date and location of the workshop.
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Only senior graduate students (usually ABD) who have previously taught non-honors sections of the course are eligible for this position. All graduate student section leaders work closely with me, the instructor, throughout the semester.

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The honors section of this course differs primarily in the depth of discussion each Friday and in the nature of the writing assignments. The weekly writing assignments are often different from those assigned to the rest of the class, and sometimes require extra reading. Longer essay topics are usually the same as those for the rest of the class, but the students are held to a higher standard of expression and argumentation.
Answer the questions below as they would apply to one section. For all other sections, provide similar information in the Additional Sections Information box below.

Short essays
Weekly one-page assignments, due each Friday when no essay is due.

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The focus is on ancient Greek myths. Goals: learn the stories, read some good literary versions of them, consider the nature of myth as it influenced Greeks and all subsequent mythtellers and readers, become better readers, writers, thinkers, people. We use primary sources: Hesiod, Homeric Hymns, selected tragedies, bits of Homer, and a variety of other sources. I lecture MW, and TAs lead Friday discussion. Individual students write all essays.
I've been teaching this class for 20 years or so, changing the texts and approach only slightly each year -- both to preserve my sanity and to allow for different writing assignments. The number and length of assignments stays pretty much the same. The level of TA experience also factors into the way I involve them in the planning and delivery of the course.
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I lecture to all on Monday and Wednesday, and students meet in TA-led discussion sections on Friday.
Tests (midterm and final), essays, weekly writing assignments, the light (or lack thereof) in their eyes while I lecture. Is this what you mean? Should I use drones?
I choose experienced TAs who know how to write. We attend the CWP workshop together. I meet with the TAs before the semester, and then weekly to talk about all aspects of the course. At the beginning of the semester,we hold at least one norming session (all grading the same essays and comparing notes on grades) to ensure that they understand me properly.

Writing Intensive Assignments

All assignments
3 essays, each revised once. 4-5 pages for both draft and revision. TAs do most of the grading, but I grade at least 2 from each section and lead norming sessions. Purposes: in all cases, to guide students toward the construction of clearly expressed and supportable arguments. Essay 1: to prompt close, careful, critical reading of the sometimes alien material. Example: Hesiod makes many negative claims about the role of women in society, but gives his female characters considerable power and influence in the events he describes. Discuss this portrayal of women in The ogony and Works and Days. Essay 2: to engage students in the ways that a mythological system works, how gods and humans interact. Essay 3: to invite them to draw parallels between the ancient world and their own. Example: choose one object from the MU Art and Archaeology Musem that illustrates or somehow relates to a myth we have read. Discuss and assess the similarities and differences between the two representations, keeping in mind the context of each. Also, weekly one page papers when essays aren't due to prime the pump for discussion and later writing.
Length of assignment:

weekly one-page paper
explore ideas to be used n longer essays
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Writing Intensive Teaching

Instructor provided feedback
Peer review
I hope this is self-evident. We're dealing here with literature and systems of belief.
For each of the three essays, the sudents turn them in one Friday. They get them back the following Friday, and they turn in the revised version the Friday after that. We repeat this three week sequence three times throughout the semester. When they are not writing or revising an essay for a Friday, they write a one-page paper for that day.
I choose first, and get only experienced grad students who can write. I give them a list of expectations, meet with them before the semester, then weekly throughout the semester. They lead a discussion section and do most of the grading for that section. I monitor the essay grading through norming sessions, and always grade at least two from each section myself. They also help write the tests and sometimes give lectures.

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Humanities and Arts


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