Certificate in Environmental Studies

The Certificate in Environmental Studies is 15 credit hours minimum of coursework focused on environmental topics. It is available to all MU majors, but because the certificate's goal is to create a complementary educational experience, it is recommended that students select coursework outside of their major.

There are two tracks for the certificate: Natural Dimensions for non-science majors and Social Dimensions for science majors. In general, students with majors in Business, Humanities, Journalism, Social or Behavioral Sciences, Mathematics, or non-science Education majors will pursue the Natural Dimensions track, while students with majors in Natural Sciences, Engineering, or science Education will purse the Social Dimensions track.


A minimum grade of C- is required for each course taken in the certificate. A minimum cumulative GPA in all certificate coursework is 2.0. For course options, visit https://omd.missouri.edu/?q=env-st-cert/index.

Core Courses (select 1)
ABM 2070Environmental Economics and Policy3
or ABM 2070W Environmental Economics and Policy - Writing Intensive
NAT_R 2160Issues in Natural Resources and the Environment3
Natural Dimensions Track for Non-Science Majors (6 hours minimum)
AG_S_M 1040Physical Principles for Agricultural Applications3
AG_S_M 2320Internal Combustion Power3
AG_S_M 2220Agricultural/Industrial Structures3
ATM_SC 1050Introductory Meteorology3
or GEOG 1050 Introductory Meteorology
BIO_SC 1060Basic Environmental Studies3
CHEM 1100Atoms and Molecules with Lab3
GEOG 2610Climate, Landforms and Vegetation: Introduction to Physical Geography3
GEOL 1200Environmental Geology with Laboratory4
GEOL 2300Earth Systems and Global Change3
GEOL 2450Global Water Cycle3
GEOL 2600Mineral and Energy Resources of the Earth3
NAT_R 1060Ecology and Conservation of Natural Resources3
PLNT_S 2254Landscape Design3
SOIL 2100Introduction to Soils3
SOIL 2106Soil Science Laboratory2
Social Dimenstions Track for Science Majors (6 hours minimum)
ACCTCY 2010Introduction to Accounting3
ABM 1041Applied Microeconomics3
ANTHRO 2030Cultural Anthropology3
or ANTHRO 2030W Cultural Anthropology - Writing Intensive
ARCHST 1600Fundamentals of Environmental Design3
or ARCHST 1600W Fundamentals of Environmental Design - Writing Intensive
ECONOM 1014Principles of Microeconomics3
or ECONOM 1014H Principles of Microeconomics-Honors
ESC_PS 2010Inquiry Into Learning I3
GEOG 1840Global Environmental Change3
GEOG 1550Introduction to the Humanized Earth3
GEOG 2660Environmental Geography3
GEOG 2720The City3
H_D_FS 2400Principles of Human Development3
or H_D_FS 2400H Principles of Human Development - Honors
or H_D_FS 2400HW Principles of Human Development - Honors/Writing Intensive
NEP 1034Introduction to Human Nutrition3
or NEP 1034H Introduction to Human Nutrition - Honors
PHIL 1100The Difference Between Right and Wrong: An Introduction to Ethics3
or PHIL 1100H The Difference Between Right and Wrong: An Introduction to Ethics - Honors
POL_SC 1100American Government3
PSYCH 2210Mind, Brain, and Behavior3
RU_SOC 1000Rural Sociology3
SOCIOL 1120Population and Ecology3
SOCIOL 2200Social Inequalities3
THEATR 1400Acting for Non-Majors3
Two upper-level courses (2000+) For Non-Science Majors (examples below)6
AG_S_M 4140Electricity: Wiring and Equipment3
ATM_SC 3600Climates of the World3
BIO_SC 1200General Botany with Laboratory5
BIO_SC 3210Plant Systematics4
ENV_SC 3290Soils and the Environment3
FOREST 3290Urban Forestry2
GEOG 4620Biogeography: Global Patterns of Life3
NAT_R 3400Water Quality and Natural Resource Management3
Two upper-level courses (2000+) For Science Majors (examples below)
ABM 2070Environmental Economics and Policy3
ARH_VS 3720Cities in the Western Imagination3
ESC_PS 2000Experiencing Cultural Diversity in the United States3
FINPLN 4380Assessing the American Dream3
GEOG 4560Resources and Indigenous Peoples3
HIST 4440History of the American Environment3
MANGMT 3000Principles of Management3
NAT_R 4353Natural Resource Policy/Administration3
NEP 1340Introduction to Exercise and Fitness3
PRST 3231Interpretation of Natural and Cultural Resources3
REL_ST 3230Buddhism and Environmental Ethics3
RU_SOC 1120Population and the Environment3
RU_SOC 4370Environmental Sociology3
SOCIOL 3000Urban Sociology3