Certificate in Floral Artistry and Management

Begin Admitting Fall 2020.

The Floral Artistry and Management certificate will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment within the floral industry. Coursework applies topics covered in lecture format directly to hands-on design and business management skills within the floral industry. This includes basic, advanced and seasonal floral design skills while emphasizing branding and marketing skills.


The certificate is comprised of 14 required credit hours. 

Required Courses
PLNT_S 2220Introduction to Floral Design prerequisite for PLNT_S 22212
PLNT_S 2221Everyday Floral Design3
PLNT_S 3220Special Occasion Floral Design3
PLNT_S 3221Wedding Floral Design3
PLNT_S 3222Retail Floral Management3

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