Graduate Certificate in Analysis of Institutions and Organizations

The Certificate Program focuses on the structures and processes of Institutions and Organizations in changing environments.  Institutions are the "rules of the game" that shape human interaction and consist of both formal rules (e.g. legal-contractual) and informal structures (norms, values and beliefs).  Organizations are the concrete, humanly devised entities in which people interact and pursue goals, ranging from families to private and nonprofit firms and public agencies.  This certificate emphasizes the common foundations of institutional analysis across academic disciplines including economics, sociology, political science, psychology, anthropology, geography, and law, as well as the ways that multidisciplinary perspectives can inform each other.

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Certificate Requirements

Required Courses
RU_SOC 7335Social Change and Development3
AG_EC 8050Economics of Institutions and Organizations3
Take any three of the following:
RU_SOC 7446Community Social Structure3
AG_EC 7972Agri-Food Business and Cooperative Management3
AG_EC 8430International Agricultural Development Policy3
RU_SOC 8447Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Rural Sociology1-99
AG_EC 8520Economics of Transaction and Contracting3
AG_EC/RU_SOC 8610Economic and Sociological Approaches to Collective Action3
RU_SOC 9480Community Survey Research3
AG_EC 9510Economics of Agribusiness Firm3
LAW 5591Food Law and Policy *1-3
LAW 5335 *1-3

For information, contact:

Dr. David O'Brien
Certificate Director, Rural Sociology

Dr. Jere Gilles
Director of Graduate Studies, Rural Sociology

Dr. Harvey James
Director of Graduate Studies, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Phone: 573-882-7451
Address: 109 Gentry Hall, Columbia, MO 65211

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