Minor in Viticulture & Enology

The Viticulture and Enology Minor is for students interested in pursuing the broad career options available in the rapidly growing Midwest grape and wine industry.  The curriculum consists of a diverse mixture of foundational and specialized courses from both Plant Sciences and Food Science.  Students will learn skills from establishment of grape vines, culturing, and wine making.  This integrated minor will benefit students seeking career options as well as the novice pursuing a hobby.

Curriculum requirements

Requirements of the Minor in V&E consist of seven (7) courses, which are divided into four core courses and three elective courses (from a selection of five courses).  Required core and elective courses are described in Table 1.  A total of 21-22 credit hours are required to complete the Minor in V&E.  For students currently pursuing a B.S. in Food Science or Plant Sciences, six and five credit hours, respectively, over and above current requirements would be necessary.  This is achievable within the elective hours in both degree programs.

Core Courses (15 credits)
Introduction to Soils
Plants and their Cultivation
Plant Structure and Function
Principles of Viticulture I
Principles of Winemaking and Wine Chemical Analysis
Electives; select 9 credits
Grapes and Wines of the World
Principles of Viticulture II
Cellar Operations and Special Vinifications
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition