Certificate in Precision Agriculture Technology

Required Courses
AG_S_M 4360Precision Agriculture Science and Technology3
AG_S_M 4365Machinery Management Using Precision Agriculture Technology3
AG_S_M 4366Data Management and Analysis Using Precision Agriculture Technology3
AG_S_M 4368Profit Strategies Using Precision Agriculture Technology3
Total Credits12

We will expect student to take AG_S_M 1040, its equivalent, or have instructor consent. We will expect students to take AG_S_M 4360 prior to enrolling in AG_S_M 4365, 4366, or 4368. Beyond this we will expect students to have taken MU college requirements such as ENGLSH 1000, MATH 1100, Biology and Chemistry, etc. We will "strongly" encourage students to take the "Examples of suggested support courses".

Suggested Support Courses
STAT 1200Introductory Statistical Reasoning3
PLNT_S 2100Introduction to Soils3
PLNT_S 2110Plants and their Cultivation3
AG_ED_LD 2220Verbal Communication in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources3
SCI_AG_J 3210Fundamentals of Communications3
AG_EC 3260General Farm Management3